bing custom search api pricing

Bing custom search pricing

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Bing custom search pricing

Tier s1-$ 4 per 1000 transactions

Tier s2-$5 per 1000 transactions

Tier s3-$6 per 1000 transactions

Tier s4-$4 per 10000 transactions

bing custom search pricing [supsystic-price-table id=11]

Tier S1,S2,S3 provide only custom search api capabilities (meaning search results will appear after user presses “search” button)

If you want to enable Auto-suggest ( search results as you type ) you will have to combine any of S1, S2 , S3 with S4

Looking for a better alternative to Bing custom search? Try expertrec’s site search engine.(priced at 9 USD per month)

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