Wordpress Plugin Search by Category and Subcategory

Wordpress Plugin Search by Category and Subcategory

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Read wordpress plugin search by category and subcategory for more information.

WordPress, being one of the easiest open source content management tool, is the most widely used website creation platform. Its robust features have made it the most popular website builder amongst the top brands such as Facebook, The New York Times, Sony, Disney, The Obama Foundation, BBC America, etc. 

Best WP search plugin

WP Fastest Site Search

One of the important features that makes it so popular is its ease and flexibility of customization options. Whether you are a naïve or a professional web designer, you can use the countless tailored WP plugins to make your website user-friendly and appeal to your target audience. One such plugin is Search & Filter Pro – The Ultimate WordPress Filter Plugin

The Search & Filter is an amazing custom search tool that offers relatively more accurate search results. The plugin allows users to search and filter content on a webpage using a keyword, slug, tags, and even the categories and sub-categories. Once activated, the search plugin will automatically index your content and replace the default WP search feature.

The features that make it the ultimate WP filter plugin are:

  • It works smoothly with any theme
  • It is compatible with e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce and WP eCommerce.
  • It gets the search results very fast.
  • It offers amazing support services. 
  • It allows the creation of unlimited search forms.


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