AI Tools to Help Run Your Ecommerce Business

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An e-commerce business isn’t an easy thing to run. A business owner has to perform various functions like marketing and keeping tabs on sales, while also making sure that the company’s data is secured. All of these functions can be a lot, so there is a need for some sort of tools to systematically look at everything. Artificial Intelligence powered tools are the solution to the aforesaid problem. AI tools can be used to make an e-commerce website work without any issues.

There is a wide variety of AI tools available to perform various functions starting from data security to product search and recommendations, editing of photos and videos, and so on. AI tools can be used to get all these works done in a very short period. Different tools perform different functions

Site Search

1. Expertrec

Expertrec offers an AI-powered site search solution that helps e-commerce businesses to incorporate search functionality into their website and this helps to get quick search results making it easier for the customers to get hold of the content they are looking for. Expertrec uses artificial intelligence to offer accurate search results and also uses machine learning algorithms to provide personalized recommendations to individual users based on their search history, preferences and interests. It also offers customized searches to make it easier for the users and help the website improve the overall customer experience. The AI tool analyzes customer insights and their search behaviour which lets businesses optimize search results and make improvements to the engagements with their users.

Content Writing and Copywriting

You need to be creative with your content so that you can gain audiences from blogs, social media platforms, and so on. Tools that can help you to create content in a simplified manner are

1. Rytr

This AI tool helps to generate the best-quality content and it has the accommodation of thirty formats that includes blogs, emails, social media posts, and more. It has three plans to offer – free, saver, and unlimited and it ranges from $0 to $29 per month.

2. Frase

This AI tool assists with research and writing as well as the optimization of content for SEO. It also has three plans to choose from – Basic, Team, and Enterprise plans.

 Images and Videos

Product images and videos of high quality are extremely significant for any e-commerce business because it is the only way through which your customers can understand the product. These act as key factors for social media marketing and others. There are a few tools you can consider to get the best quality images and videos.


This AI technology helps to edit pictures automatically. This tool is fit for beauty products, and fashion products like clothing and shoes. Since the customer is making a purchase online, it is required that they see the picture of the product as real as possible. It can process images in bulk without any limit.


This AI tool edits photos automatically and adjusts the photos at a perfect angle and image correction with better contrast and brightness. Many industries use this AI tool, especially those where images are very important for marketing for example food, photography, and so on.

It’s also worth considering tools like Picsart, which can generate an AI photo from text This means you don’t need to even have an image as a starting point, but can conjure up content for your site from scratch


If the e-commerce business requires podcasts or music for marketing, audio plays a very important role and so the audio content needs to be worked on properly.

1. Descript

This is an audio transcription platform that can automatically transcribe audio and it also has tools for correction. It has features like video editing, podcasts, and web camera recording.

2. SpeechText.AI

This tool transcribes audio and videos through voice recognition. It supports many languages and can identify the speaker. It has four packages, first one is Starter, then Personal, then Standard, and finally Business.

 Contact Management

Any e-commerce business thrives on its customers. So, their details must be kept organized and these AI tools can help you manage your contacts and nurture them

1. Salesforce Einstein

This tool helps users in carrying out their tasks effectively, and also takes care of sales, marketing, and administration. Businesses can get customer insights that are collected from assembling the interactions and behaviours.

2. Leadspace

It offers two powerful solutions, The Graph and The Studio where the former is a platform that analyzes customer data and authenticates it. The studio lets you prepare a custom graph of the buyers.

 Product Recommendation

If you want to market products that you have to offer, you can start recommending customers other products based on their preferences. These AI tools can help you with this process automatically.

1. Dynamic Yield

This offers an AI-integrated product recommendations tool. It anticipates the customers’ preferences and which products they are going to purchase next and provides personalized suggestions to the users.

2. Frosmo

The whole customer journey is personalized with Frosmo’s product recommendation AI tool. It works with Automated Merchandising that creates best recommendations strategies and NLP, image recognition, and algorithms that result in the production of personalized content. Lastly, Website visitor segmentation provides a customized experience to the audience.


Another significant factor when it comes to e-commerce business is data security. With the increasing frauds and several data hacking issues, all the transactions must do are secured, and these tools are designed to look after that.

1. MicroAI

MicroAI offers AI-powered management solutions with MicroAI AtomML™, a platform to optimize assets and machines. MicroAI AtomML+™ solidifies data from various devices into one location. MicroAI Launchpad™ is a platform that let developers design and test microcontrollers to install them in smartphones and other devices.

2. Simility

This is a payment service through PayPal that helps e-commerce businesses avoid getting into fraudulent activities through the Adaptive Descisioning Platform and has automatic machine learning and other features. This helps to reduce the risk factor significantly and helps to take more orders. With this, e-commerce businesses can prevent transactional fraud and promotional abuse.

The Takeaway

All the AI tools are designed to perform specific functions to give your e-commerce business a smooth functioning. All the functions that these tools does in an automated manner are time taking and nearly impossible if done manually. You can make use of the listen-to AI tools according to your requirements and you can make your e-commerce business work effectively without any issues.


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