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Recently, the YouTube application on Xbox One showed a new avatar of itself. The app has been updated with regard to its design and improved performance rate. Another thing which has taken people by surprise is that the voice search option has been added to the app.

This voice search can be activated with the help of the Search screen. The voice commands can also be given to control the Xbox One. For this, you will also require a headset and Cortana.


It is time for more fun as now you will be able to watch YouTube videos on the Xbox One. Moreover, in the YouTube app, you will be able to view all the subscribed channels as well as search for the content.

Since the scenario of using voice commands for carrying out web search is becoming immensely popular nowadays, you too can take advantage of the latest advances in automatic speech recognition. Voice Search YouTube Xbox One is one such miracle for sure!

                              XBOX  and Youtube

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Earlier this week the official YouTube app on Xbox One updated with a sleeker
design and improved performance, but one aspect appears to … One rather odd addition to the new YouTube app is the option for voice search
which can be activated from the Search screen by pressing LT…voice search youtube xbox one Hi, this video shows you how to use voice commands to control your Xbox One
using a headset & Cortana even if you haven’t got Kinect for …You can now watch YouTube videos on the Xbox One. In the YouTube app you’ll
be able to view your subscribed channels, search for content, and use your … Microsoft’s Major Nelson walks us through how to sync your Xbox One with Alexa
to make of use the cool new voice commands. Microsoft … Xbox, On: This is the only command that works while your Xbox One is off. …
Xbox, Bing [Search]: Search Bing for whatever you say. Xbox, Use …You can even use a headset microphone, in addition to a Kinect, to give Cortana
voice commands. You can also control your Xbox One using some of the most …My favorite part is the new voice search. ….. Might have to try the YouTube
website on Edge lol … Eh looks ok.. still no 4k on Xbox One S :/…. for YouTube, Google Voice Search, Games(Windows/Mac)-K668: Computer …
Elgato Game Capture HD60, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360, or Wii … Web search via voice is becoming increasingly popular, taking advantage of
recent advances in automatic speech recognition. Speech …

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