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get_search_query() | Function

The get_search_query filter helps to filter the content of the search query variable. This is an important feature provided by WordPress. To know about the get_search_query filter, you can go through this example.WordPress

You can query for a particular post type by making an addition of post_type. This task can be easily accomplished with the help of the query filter. The value used for this is the user input or the get_search_query() returning a value.

There is also a filter that is applied to the search form HTML for editing or replacing it. A few examples are given ahead mention the importance of the filter.


The search query string is passed through the esc_attr() to make sure that it is safe for placing inside an HTML attribute. This function is also utilized to obtain the query.

Moreover, the WordPress get_search_query filter example is one of the best offered by WordPress as of now.

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