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YouTube has just solved the surfing problem of users by it’s latest feature of voice search. You can use this feature for free but all you need is Chrome 11 beta or newer version to get access to this feature. This feature will make the search easier and also save a lot of time of users.

YouTube Voice Search has Google’s standard Voice Input UI; tapping the microphone button on the top-right corner will load an interface which would show a red microphone pumping as you speak, simultaneously a transcription would appear on the screen. Based on your requested query, the page would show the search results. The voice feature is available on both the mobile app and the desktop version.

The Youtube search on Mobile is also easy. Look up the video for more details.

Now you can talk instead of type to search on Learn more at: http:// If surfing YouTube for videos is just too grueling of a task for you, don’t worry …
Robert Oschler took just 3 days to create his voice search demo!voice search youtube pc In this tutorial, I will show you how to use Google Voice Search on your PC, and
with a little help from Google’s very own web browser called … Search fields in many mobile Google apps feature the ability to lookup queries by
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us/au5skhB Secondary Camera: Lens1: … Through a Chrome browser extension users can now invoke the hotword (or hot
phrase) “OK Google” to initiate hands-free searches on the PC. How to set up your desktop PC for Google Voice Search. How to get Google Voice Search on your PC … Maps, though it doesn’t extend to
other Google properties like Calendar, Gmail, and YouTube. Android: Google’s voice commands are incredibly powerful. … not have noticed
that you can use them while watching videos on YouTube.Select Sign In. Visit on your computer or mobile device. …
When you perform a voice search for YouTube videos, we search YouTube on …

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