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Voice search command has always been a helpful tool in any device as it helps trigger multiple tasks without making any physical effort. No need to type, just speak and the command is served! It offers a variety of multilingual abilities like conducting general web searches quickly, noting down stuff you say, making calls to contacts in your phonebook, reading news alerts, managing messages and emails and, performing various other such functions.

Google Voice Search

The Google voice search functionality works regardless of the language you speak, a majority of the Android devices support over 30 major languages. The voice search feature has drastically improved customer satisfaction. However, in spite of all enticing features, the voice search functionality has some cons too. It works only when the phone is connected to the Internet. It is also associated with issues such as picking up the accents, background noise, and mispronunciations etc.

Sometimes, various errors such as the voice search icon missing in Android phone. At such instances, follow these steps to sort the voice search icon missing issue:

  1.   Check your device whether you have installed the right app or not. Once installed, open the app and watch for the voice command symbol on the screen.
  2.   If it’s absent go to the settings and open the (language and input) option and mark on the Google voice typing.
  3.   Return to the app and check for the voice command symbol. The issue is sorted!

Why did the Voice Search icon (little mic) disappear from the home screen? The
Voice Search app is also mising. This was a pre-installed app … For many years before Google Assistant was a thing, Android had a … Now, its
last vestiges seem to have disappeared from the Google … Google app mic icon
opened Voice Search before (left), now it opens Assistant (right).voice search icon missing androidI’m running Android 4.4.1 (Kit Kat) on a LG L41C. Been working absolutely great,
love it, and all of sudden the Voice Search Icon disappeared …With over 5M installs and 4.2() stars rating on Google Play, we are proud to
introduce – Voice Search – Speech to Text Searching AssistantI have figured out the trick to finally add a voice search shortcut that you … I
thought it would display Google voice like the microphone icon on …Creates a shortcut to Google Voice Search on your home screen since it is
missing in Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). You can use it with custom ROMs
to … Google voice search is a powerful feature of the Android-powered … Find “
Google voice typing“ and tap the Settings button (cog icon); Tap “Ok … Voice search on Android TV allows you to the following options: … button on your
Remote Control or activate it through the voice search icon, … Get the New Google Search Bar with the new Google Logo with updated … has
new animations showing the new logo on Android Smartphone.It includes settings for features such as voice search, search suggestion, and hint
….. with the Android Search icon that’s available from the Action Bar Icon Pack.

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