voice search google app java

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We all have been using Google Apps, especially the Google keyboard which is also known as GBoard which comes in handy when you need to type the text via voice. But how does this voice-to-text thing work? Well, Google uses its Voice Search API to perform this operation. 

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Whenever you tap the mic for voice typing, the API is triggered which connects to the cloud services. Once the voice is captured, it is sent to the server the processing is done based on the 120 languages set predefined o the server, and text for the inputted voice is formed and send to the device. 

This feature helps in performing voice typing, voice searching, the opening of apps and much more. Google Assistant makes use of this API to perform all most all of its task. As it is a voice assistant, it also uses Natural language processing in order to give the curated replies as well. This API is free to use for any android developer, in case you are planning to integrate voice functionalities in your app.

voice search google app java


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