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Read How to add voice search to the website for more information.

Voice Search Engine using Elasticsearch

To build a voice search in elastic search, follow the steps below

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  1. Go to elasticsearch voice search creatorvoice search elasticsearch
  2. Login with your Gmail id.
  3. Enter your website URL.
  4. If you have a sitemap URL, enter this as well.
  5. Now your website crawl would have begun.
  6. Once your crawl is complete, go to elastic voice search settings and make sure voice search is enabled. voice search elasticsearch
  7. Go to the code section in your voice search control panel and add the code to your website.
  8. Upgrade to a paid plan.
  9. That’s it (voice search is now live on your website).
  10. You can experience voice search here. (works only on chrome browsers).voice search elasticsearch

Add Search to your Website


Here is another article on how to add voice search.

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