Top 5 Alternatives to SLI Systems for Enhanced Site Search and eCommerce

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As ecommerce businesses continue to grow exponentially online, having a powerful search functionality has become crucial for delivering optimal customer experience and increasing conversion rates. Historically, many websites have relied on open-source solutions like SLI Systems to power their search. However, with the increasing demands of modern shoppers and the ever-changing technological landscape, some limitations of older search systems have become apparent. Here, we will explore some of the top five SLI Systems alternatives that websites can consider to upgrade their search experience.


Expertrec offers a customizable search engine that helps businesses improve customer experience and increase conversions. It allows the creation of a search interface using simple options to define the look, feel and behaviour of the search. Expert search results load within milliseconds, giving users a quick and seamless search experience. With features like a spell checker, filters, facets and real-time indexing, Expertrec is a powerful SLI Systems alternative. Being cloud-based, it works across platforms including Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce etc. Expertrec also supports 30+ languages and offers personalization to engage users. With dashboard controls, businesses can optimize search through merchandising and changing relevance weights. Expertrec is highly customizable and easy to set up, making it the top SLI Systems alternative.


BigCommerce is a popular all-in-one platform and SLI Systems alternative for building feature-rich e-commerce stores. Apart from core functions like catalogue management, carts and checkouts, it offers advanced search capabilities. Businesses get a customizable search interface, autocomplete, filters and related product recommendations. BigCommerce search indexes content in real-time to serve fresh results. Its API and app ecosystem allows the integration of additional functionalities. While BigCommerce search provides a good user experience, controls are limited compared to SLI Systems. However, as a complete e-commerce solution, BigCommerce is ideal for small to medium businesses to replace SLI Systems.

Oracle NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP is a cloud-based platform that integrates ERP, CRM and e-commerce in a single system. Its robust search functionality crawls data from multiple modules to deliver unified results. Businesses get real-time search, filters, advanced reporting and analytics. NetSuite search is highly customizable through configurations and SuiteScript API. It leverages AI to provide predictive insights by understanding user behaviour and context. Compared to SLI Systems, NetSuite as an SLI Systems alternative requires more investment but acts as a 360-degree business software with built-in search features. NetSuite is best for mid-large enterprises seeking an integrated replacement.


Shopify is an all-in-one e-commerce platform and an SLI Systems alternative that provides merchants control over online and retail stores. Its advanced search engine indexes products, blogs, articles and content to serve intuitive results. Stores can customize search interfaces, filters and related suggestions. Additional apps further enhance search capabilities. Shopify plans are affordable and the platform is easy to configure without coding. However, search customization options are less flexible than SLI Systems. Overall, Shopify delivers a seamless search experience for small business websites and online merchants.


Iksula is a B2B-focused catalogue management system that helps distributors and manufacturers showcase their products online. It includes a responsive search interface with autosuggest, filtering and visual search capabilities. Businesses leverage search optimization features, multi-lingual support and integrated ERP sync. Iksula also provides custom branding, user management and roles. Though full-featured for B2B requirements, its search customization is relatively limited compared to SLI Systems. Nonetheless, Iksula remains a cost-effective alternative for industry-specific digital catalogue needs.


While SLI Systems served the industry well for years, newer SLI Systems alternative platforms like Expertrec have evolved far beyond their capabilities with constant innovation. Businesses looking to upgrade their site’s search performance should consider modern solutions that leverage the latest technologies for AI/ML-powered personalization, lightning-fast results and a better overall customer experience. Choosing the right SLI system alternative such as Expertrec can significantly boost key metrics like conversions and reduce abandonment rates.

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