Expertrec’s custom search API-

This article explains how you can use expertrec’s custom search api to get search results programatically.

Go to  and enter your website URL to get your crawl started. Go and click on your demo link.

Get your expertrec site search API

  1. In your control panel get your API key (site ID is your API key) (have a look at the image below)Custom search api


The API will be of this format-{org_id}/?q={keyword}&page={pagination}&size={number_of_search_results}

Expertrec site search API parameters-

  1. org_id- Your unique ID that identifies your website/ websites.
  2. q- Keyword.
  3. page- pagination
  4. size- number of search results to be displayed.

The results will be in JSON format and will be similar to this screen shot-

Custom search api

Get your site search API

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