Advanced Ecommerce Features to Consider for Your Online Store

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As online stores continue to grow in size and volume, more and more companies are looking for online solutions to manage the everyday operations of their business. For your E-Commerce store to compete with more prominent players with a similar product offering as you do, you will need some modern-day features that they will not be able to provide.

Well, you are building E-Commerce features that your competitors can’t even imagine. How do you select the one that is the best for you? This article discusses the Top 6 e-commerce features that can help you take your store to the next level and grow your business.

6 Advanced E-Commerce Features You Need To Implement Right Now

  1. Reporting Tools:

How often do you go to your favorite online store and want to know how many customers they had last month and how their sales compared to the previous month? Are you ever curious about how popular a product is or what products sell even when they aren’t on sale? If you didn’t, now is the time to do that. Report tools can be handy in that.

Using reports tools, you can see great statistics about your store, which can give you a strategic advantage over other similar businesses because you can use this information to make changes in your business strategies.

Key features:

  • Real-time data on page views, sales, and other statistical information.
  • Statistics help you to set goals and measure the progress of your business.
  • They will be able to set sales quotas and track how they improve their business.

  2. AI Algorithm for Product Recommendation:

As a business owner, you are familiar with how a web search engine works. So, you will appreciate the primary function of an E-Commerce product recommendation application that focuses on the same principles and algorithms.

Using Artificial Intelligence algorithms allows you to get better results when it comes to product suggestions based on what your customer is looking for or which products are related to specific products. These recommendations are not only limited to products that are similar in nature and price, but it also looks into other characteristics, such as the brand or category they have interacted with.

Key feature:

  • The algorithm can adapt the recommendations to any customer’s needs.
  • Greatly increases the chance that a visitor will buy something on their landing page.
  • Increases customer satisfaction and the possibility of them returning to your website.

  3. Mobile Optimized Website:

For the best online shopping experience, a customer should be able to make all of their decisions from their mobile device and have a similar experience regardless of whether they are sitting in front of a computer or mobile.

Not only does having a mobile-optimized website increase your conversion rates, but it also shows Google that you are taking advantage of new technologies and how people do business today, instead of relying on outdated technologies.

Key feature:

  • Mobile optimization opens the market for a new generation of consumers familiar with their phones, tablets, and other devices.
  • Increases the likelihood that they will return to your website again.
  • Improves the browsing experience by reducing the time wasted on loading pages.

  4. Abandoned Cart Recovery:

Most online shoppers are just one step away from purchasing something they previously added to their online shopping cart. Still, to complete their purchase, they leave the site by mistake or because they’re having second thoughts and then return hours later.

You need an abandoned cart recovery system that automatically sends them an email with a discount code for items left in the shopping cart or the entire order if you have enough stock available. This is a great way to offer your customer some last-minute discounts without sacrificing your margins without having to contact them.

Key feature:

  • Automatically triggers an email when products are abandoned or when there are errors on your website.
  • Receives an automated reminder to place items in the cart again.
  • Offers a discount code for the item(s) left in their cart if there is still time.

  5. Integrated Social Media :


Even though many people shop online, if your website needs a social media platform, you may lose out on many customers who want to share their experiences with you. You may be eager to recommend your business to their friends and family.

For your eCommerce store to compete with more prominent players with a similar product offering, you must implement social media channels on the website that you can use to announce sales and new products or contact your customers to gain their trust.

Key feature:

  • It allows you to show your customer’s friends and family what you have in stock and get their feedback.
  • It allows your customer to tell their friends where they found a good deal and to share their experiences with them.
  • It increases customer loyalty by allowing them to contact you whenever they need to buy another item.

  6. Google Shopping Integration:

Google’s integrated search and shopping results are a must for any retailer who wants to get a lot of customers from their site, especially if they don’t offer the same services and products that Google does.

Having your integrated shopping cart on your website can appear in the first position when customers search for products at a low, competitive rate. When you are one of the first results that come up, it shows that people trust you as a supplier, and it will increase your click-through rate.

Key feature:

  • Integrating a shopping cart allows you to appear on Google’s shopping results and increase your profit.
  • Customers recognize your brand, and Google’s algorithm considers this a sign of quality.
  • Enhances the experience for the customer who can find new products based on previous searches.

Wrapping Up

As you can see,  implementing all of the features mentioned above on your eCommerce store can significantly impact your profits. In addition, it is an investment and will take some time to obtain all the features you need to reach your full potential. However, suppose your business is based on selling products at an affordable price. In that case, you should focus more on the other parts of these features that are focused on increasing customer loyalty and interaction. 

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