Live Chat Software for eCommerce Stores

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Recently, business owners can offer service to their customers through different mediums. The question is; Which medium is the best choice to help increase good customer service to satisfy your customers?
To assist you in making the best choice for your eCommerce store, we will show you some of the best live chat software that can improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Introduction to Live chat software

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Live chat software is a service that allows customers to conveniently chat or message customer support staff or sellers while they are exploring a website. With live chat software, customers can interact with the sales agents instantly as it serves as a messenger.
While searching your website, it is apparent that customers expect their questions to be attended to clear their uncertainty quickly. The question could be regarding a product or your site navigation, as any misgiving can result in you losing a sale and a customer at the same time.
Live chat software is a better way to improve sales and offer support to customers in your e-commerce store. It allows you to interact effectively with your site visitors. A good live chat with customers can help them decide to purchase a particular product or service from your store. Knowing this, live chat is prone to have a big influence on your marketing and productivity.

4 Best Live chat software for eCommerce stores.

Some of the best live chat software for e-commerce stores;


LiveChat is one of the most popular live chat software for e-commerce which helps to improve customer support. This software offers features that can help communicate between customers and sales agents to boost your sales and track progress. LiveChat covers many key features that fit different budgets, like customization, file sharing, tags, archives, and automated notification when customers want to communicate with sales agents.

Its eCommerce Features

  • Chat monitoring
  • Chat transfer
  • Filterable chat history/tags
  • WordPress plugins for stores
  • Supports file sharing such as screenshots and documents between the sales agent and customers
  • Automatic notification
  • Canned responses
  • Chatbot that can assist customers through checkout.

LiveChat allows a 30-day free trial. For a starter, the plan costs you $16/month while the Team plan costs $33/month, but it is billed annually.

Tidio Chat

Tidio is a live chat software modeled for eCommerce businesses to interact with visitors engaging on their website. Tidio is a better option, especially for anyone looking to use a live chat that offers support without paying any subscription fee, as it offers lifetime free live chat solutions. It is a good option for small startup businesses that still want to provide chat support for their customers. However, extra features like chatbot templates, the ability to track visitors on your website, and conversation ratings are to be paid for. This live chat helps generate leads, increase your sales, and provide support.

Its eCommerce features

  • Automate conversation using the template to give response to visitors quickly
  • Visitor’s info such as preference, location, tags, and more can be stored
  • Responses for offline queries
  • Sneak preview
  • WordPress plugins for stores

Tidio is downloaded and used freely. However, as it is not free, extra fees are paid for any premium features; for the chatbots plan, it costs $18/month, while for the mailing plan, it costs $10/month.


Olark is one of the live chat software that makes it easy for business owners to interact with customers. This live chat tool suits businesses with few support or sales agents. With Olark live chat tools, you can improve your online customer interaction. Olark is a better option for e-commerce stores that want a standalone live chat tool as it offers some good features for your website.

Its eCommerce features

  • Offline messaging option
  • Pre-chat forms that allow you to collect important information from customers
  • Canned responses
  • Pre and post-chat survey
  • File sharing
  • Stores visitor’s details like location, device, and history

Olark offers a free plan limited to 20 live chats per month. For the paid plans, it costs $29/per month. It also offers Pro features with variable pricing.


Freshchat is a modern live chat software that allows you to effortlessly provide automated, proactive, and conversational messages to different customers. It largely focuses on conversions and customer support. You can offer live chat support to customers over the net, mobile, or social media with Freshchat. However, this helps you capture leads and improve your sales performance.

Its eCommerce features

  • Conversation report and team performance report
  • Chat transcripts
  • Screen sharing
  • Proactive messaging
  • Support multiple languages
  • It offers triggered messages which help encourage customers to complete a purchase

Rates are billed annually for each agent, while the free plan is limited to 21 days. However, there’s also a life plan which allows 100 agents to interact with 10k monthly visitors.

Four plans are available for Freshchat:

  • $15/month for small teams
  • $29/month for a developing team
  • $45/month for large teams
  • $69/month for enterprises

Why do you need live chat software for your eCommerce store?

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Live chat contributes to customer support, as communication is a better way to know your customer’s concerns. It gives you a valuable understanding of your customer’s behaviors and saves time for both customers and business owners. Live chat is essential for customers to get instant answers to their queries on your website. This software helps you solve your customer’s problems quickly and engage them adequately. Live chat is extremely useful for e-commerce businesses as it helps you quickly serve more than one customer at the same time, keeping your customers engaged so they can confidently shop in your store without hesitations.


For a smooth workflow in your e-commerce store, you can utilize these live chat software to improve engagement with your customers or site visitors. Combining the features, you can offer customer service to users at any time and with ease. You can also see who is searching your website and know the best approach to improve customer satisfaction.
Live chat software is a credible way to build strong and deeper relations with customers and website visitors to improve your sales and brand reputation.


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