How To Reduce Product Return Of Your eCommerce Store

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Product returns are normal. Customers return products for different reasons. It may be because of lack of adequate information about the product, wrong product description, confusing images, loss of interest, and several others. This, however, does not mean there is no solution to product return issues. There are, and that is what we will be reviewing in this article.

Introduction to product returns

Product returns are generally bad for both retailers and customers. You can’t eradicate it; however, you can drastically reduce it.

In our recent research on product returns at Expertrect, our team discovered the following

Customers return 1 out of every ten products they order online.

  • 65% of these product returns are merchants’ faults; like misinformation, wrong delivery, late delivery, etc.; this can further be breakdown as follows;
  • 23% of the returns happen due to the wrong product.
  • 22% of the products are returned because they don’t match the product description.
  • 20% of products are also returned because customers received a damaged product.

This affects customer retention and loyalty which reduces profit margins and affects growth. To avoid customers heading over to your competition for that same product purchase, a way to reduce product returns works better.

Managing excessive product returns can be frustrating and lower your profit. It also wastes time. This article gives an insight into ways to reduce product returns by customers.

7 Effective Ways to Product Returns on Orders

Accurate Use Of Product Description And Images

When a product description and image don’t match the real product, it becomes an issue. It makes customers return their orders.

Note that if you want to reduce customer product returns, you must prioritize this. Imagine you are ordering a product because you saw the images and descriptions only to get nothing of its replica after days of awaiting delivery.

Customers must know what they are ordering through the image, which gets them to know the gap between the real product and customers’ expectations.

The descriptions should carry the highlight materials that give firsthand information about the product, like the components showing the benefits to the customers.

Make sure your descriptions touch a pain point your customers face. This is one way to reduce product returns by customers.

Promote Exchange Instead Of Return

A way to take out the pain of product return is to encourage exchanges. No matter the reason for the return of a product, you need to leverage each return as the opportunity to retain your customers.

Offer the best experience and make sure they never leave your store empty-handed. You can go as far as showing empathy towards them regardless of the reason, as this will reduce customer product returns.

Ask your customers why they want a return. This will give you the idea of what product you can recommend for an exchange and make them stick around to complete their order.

Once you’ve got the reason, recommend an exchange and provide the product’s benefits. This helps reduce product return and offers another opportunity to sell other products and retain your customers.

Transparent Delivery Estimates

Be clear of your delivery measure because, in today’s world, everyone wants their product like today. Get your customers informed about how long the delivery will take.

This will keep them knowing the exact time to expect their product. If your delivery will take longer, mention it on your site, on the product and check-out pages, this helps to avoid the process of a return and reduce product return.

Let them know this before placing an order, as this will not just reduce product delivery but also get you to avoid bad product reviews and improve your customer’s experience.

Provide An Accurate Sizing Information

Well-detailed and accurate size information helps reduce product return as an improper size chart changes a buyer’s mind.

Ensure customers understand your sizing chart, including the body type, height, weight, product-specific, easy to access and comprehend both on mobile and desktop, and up-to-date size information.

This ensures customers are not ordering the wrong sizes of fashion wear, furniture, decorations, etc.

Offer a well detailed and accurate pre-purchase information that will efficiently reduce product return and provide a great user experience to reduce product return.

Require A Live Chat And Real-Time Support

chat bots

This is a great way to reduce the product return before it’s actualized. Most times, customers do find it difficult to use a product.

Provide a stage for them to go through if finding anything difficult. This reduces product return and positions your business in the interest of its customers.

Live chat options allow customers to ask questions on products they find difficult to understand. Through this, you can provide them with immediate solutions. This will prevent customers from buying a product they do not need, boost your conversion rate, and inform your customers.

It creates a connection between your brand and users by eliminating unresolved issues and difficulties a customer might be facing and giving room to recommend products they need.

Prioritize Packaging

The way products are packaged sometimes damages products and leaves customers with no option but to return the product. Ensure you are keen on a well-packaged product.

Delivery passes through stages from the place of the package to the delivery stage. The customers’ expectations are high at that moment and will not appreciate any fault.

To avoid this, you have to give proper and careful packaging to the product, which plays an important role in reducing product return. Make sure it fits perfectly, with no open or loose packaging.

Encourage Reviews And Feedback.

Giving customers options to leave a review is a way to get social proof of a product delivered and boost your eCommerce site.

Reviews give insights into your product that might not beforehand be considered. That can be achieved by requesting reviews in categories like size, comfort, and durability as Nike.

Introduce ways to get reviews by giving discounts on the next offer and rewarding customers afterward. This will not only reduce product returns but help to identify any issues faced by customers and how to adjust your lapses.


Rather than taking product returns as a loss, take them as opportunities to grow, develop and build relationships with your customers. Use different ways to get them to either exchange and see what product they need to buy.

Strike up conversations with them and build an engaging brand for your eCommerce store. Try as much as possible to reduce product returns by working on those helpful and simple ways to grow your business.

Make sure to offer a seamless and convenient service that gives your customers what they need, not just what you sell. It makes them feel comfortable and considered.


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