Why Category Pages are Important on your Ecommerce Site

Why Category Pages are Important on your Ecommerce Site

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If you own an eCommerce business, you would know that running it successfully is not a smooth process. You tend to face numerous challenges and setbacks that impose an obstacle on the desired conversion rate of your eCommerce website. One of the essential factors that heavily affects the conversion rate is the smoothness of the customers’ shopping experience.

Nearly half of your job is already done if you can secure the most convenient shopping experience on your website for your customers. To ensure this, you need to design your website so that it would be advantageous for your customers to find the exact product they are searching for. 

A well-designed category page is all you need to escalate your customers’ shopping experience. You might be already familiar with the term, but here are some of the essential information that will help you to reflect on the importance of the category page and the vital components of a category page. But before, it’s necessary to know what a category page is.

What is A Category Page?

A category page is the type of page that is considered the essential page in your eCommerce website after your home page. It generally comes above the product page and consists of all the topics, including a group of products you intend to sell on your website. 

Therefore, this can also be considered a topic page that helps the online crawlers and your customers navigate to the particular section of the site that offers the type of product or information they are looking for. This saves the customers time finding their desired outcomes and enhances their shopping experience.

Why Are Category Pages Important For Your E-commerce Site?

Suppose you have visited a supermarket and found all the products are misplaced without displaying any categories. You would not only find it difficult to find your products but there’s an obvious chance that you would quickly quit the place confused. The case is quite similar with online websites too. 

Without an organized and well-developed product category, it would be difficult for your customers to find the exact product they want. Moreover, searching would consume much of their precious time, which might leave them irritated and confused. This will also hamper your website’s conversion rates and cause traffic loss. 

What Are the Elements That Define A Good Category Page For An E-commerce Website?

Now that you have gained an impression of what product pages are and how they impact your eCommerce website, it’s time for you to move on to all the necessary elements that make a successful product category page. Below are some essential elements you need to consider on your product page.

  • The Layout Of The Page

It is vital to focus on the category page layout as it consists of all the information presented to your customer about all the products you offer. The design and appearance of the structure impact the mind of the visitors. 

An unattractive layout would repel your customers and make them move on to your competitor’s website. This will heavily affect your sales and your conversion rates. A well-designed design will ensure a smooth browsing experience and, at the same time, increase the number of clicks on your website. 

  • Featured Banners

If you want a promotion on your website, featured banners offer you the best help. Through these featured banners, you can also grab the attention of the online crawlers on some of the most important news you want them to know. 

You are free to place these featured banners anywhere on your category page, but they are usually found below the top navigation bar on your site. An additional feature that it offers is that you can include call-to-action buttons in it. Make your banners relevant to the categories to escalate the customer’s engagement with them.

  • Navigation Bars

A navigation bar is the most crucial part of a site that helps the customers and the users to type and search exactly what they are looking for. As they remain permanent for all the pages, including the category page, it is crucial to add a good one that will attract customers’ attention. You can include any navigation bar according to your choice, be it a horizontal one or a vertical one. 

  • Top Category Items

You can use different layouts to differentiate between various categories on your product page. Along with displaying different types of products that your website offers, you can include some featured or best-selling products, which will help boost your sales.  

By highlighting the best-selling items, the category page will lead the customer’s attention toward them and escalate their interest in exploring new things. In this way, they can become potential buyers.

  • Product Descriptions

The titles of the products need to be something that is known to your target audience. A unique or unconventional product title might confuse them and create a vague idea about all the various categories. 

Avoid providing similar names to the descriptions on your product category page. For example, if you are selling pet products, including similar titles like ‘dog education’ and ‘dog training’ might leave your potential customers confused, making them leave your website. 

Moreover, familiar labels and product titles can also rank better in the Google site ranking. Using some internal terms of your company might seem creative, but they eventually obstruct you from securing a top rank in Google.

  • Category Images

On your category page, consider using a generic image that speaks for the entire category of the product rather than a single product. Suppose you deal with electronic devices; It would be best if your product category page includes the image of a general smartphone instead of displaying a specific brand. While containing images, make sure you use high-quality photos and consistently styled ones. 

Final Thoughts

If your category page possesses more or less all these features, you are ready to hit the market with a reasonable conversion rate and sound revenue generation. An ideal category page should be informative and relevant to the products you offer your customers. If developed thoughtfully, they offer the best navigation to the customers. Also, ensure that you upgrade your category page according to the taste of the changing time.


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