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For a developer, looking for the source code on the Internet is important as well as a tiresome process. You may think that why searching for source code is important. Here is an answer to your query. Source code is important for numerous software development and maintenance work.

Apache Jena

However, there is one major problem. The present source code engines carry out only lexical searches and do not think about the semantic aspects of source code as a language or program structure.





Semantic web search engine java source code makes use of the ontologies to make and connect the different source code fragments. These fragments are generally taken out from repositories available on the Internet. This approach often helps to search across projects while dealing with incomplete knowledge.Semanctic Web search engine


In short, the semantic web aims to provide much more advanced knowledge without creating problems for the beginners. Hence, the semantic search engine is a medium through which anyone can define anything while sitting anywhere. 


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