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 Splunk is a software that works with data to extract information from it, analyze it to make a clear opinion on a topic. The data which is mainly processed by Splunk is the machine data which includes the logs of IoT devices, mobiles, apps, etc. With the help of Big data, Splunk can not only analyze the machine or unstructured data but also analyze the data from a, particularly defined dataset.

Splunk Search Splunk Search

Searching in Splunk is based on the index of the data present in the dataset, for which whenever the new data is injected, it is first indexed to provide smooth and faster searching.

The data searching in Splunk can be done in multiple forms like using the host, server names, source, and source type in order to get better outcomes.

To perform a new search in Splunk, first, you need to load the data and then go for the new search by entering the multiple keywords which we discussed above. Splunk also allows the use of wildcard characters and the use of logical operators AND/OR to perform the search.

You can refine your search by selecting the text from the result and clicking add to the search option.


Learn more about Splunk from the Video : 

Basic searches and search results. In this section, you create searches that
retrieve events from the index. The data for this tutorial is for the Buttercup Games
Search is at the heart of any app and is the fundamental tool available for
extracting the … and the Search Reference for a description of search language query in splunkany good tutorial for splunk search queries. 1. Hi,. I would like to know the link, or
any document where from I can learn how to write search …Search Manual. Download manual as PDF …. Why am I getting “waiting for your
queued job to start” message while running search queries? Get values from the
Splunk Enterprise 6 Basic Search Lisa Guinn shows you how to craft a search,
examine the search results and use the timeline. Learn shortcuts …Simple searches look like the following examples. Note that there are literals with
and … Splunk usually auto-detects access.log fields so you can do queries like: Lisa Guinn, Senior Instructor: This demonstration shows how to run a search and
examine the search results. This video also demonstrates …splunk search examples. … If you want top 10 errors in your environment then just
change top limit to 10 in below search query. Example: error | top limit=1 error.GoSplunk is a place to find and post queries for use with Splunk. Find user
submitted queries or register to submit your own. Get Searching! Splunk Education: Saving and Sharing Searches. Description: Karen Hodges
shows you how to save and share searches and search results.

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