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Search Website PHP Script – How to?

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What are search website PHP Script? Let’s Learn more.

A search tool is an important part of your website projects, and especially when you are looking at extending a better user experience for customer retention, you need to work on your search engine scripts or better known as PHP search engine scripts. These are ideal purposes and readily allows visitors to search for videos, sites, images, blogs, etc.

PHP search 

We have many search engine scripts available, however, finding the perfect one is readily hectic.

Here, we give you a list of Search Website PHP scripts available with customized functionality. Sites that support CGI, PHP, or ASP, there is the alternative to install script for handling search functions. Pay attention to the efficiency factor when it comes to your site.

The search engine scripts are as follows-

  • Google Internal Site Search script
  • Sphider
  • TSEP
  • Zoom Search Engine
  • Perfect search
  • ASP Search Site
  • Site Search Pro

For more information on Search Website PHP Script, view this video 

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