PHP Multidimensional Arrays

php search value in multidimensional array

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If we talk about the multidimensional array search in PHP, then by this we mean searching a value in a multilevel nested array. This kind of search can be carried out in numerous ways. Some of these important techniques include iterating over the nested arrays, inbuilt array search functions, and recursive approaches.

                             PHP Multi Dimensional Array

Recursive Approach

Sometimes, when the levels of nested arrays increase, then it becomes difficult to write these programs as well as debug them. Here, in these cases writing a recursive program will be better, since they can be easily written without adding nested for loops.

Iterative Approach

With this approach, you can easily iterate over the array and search for the important match. You need to check if an element of the array is an array or not and then add the element to the search path or else you can run the array search on the nested array.

Using array_ search() Method

PHP search value in the multidimensional array can be done by the array_search() which is an in-built function that searches for a particular value associated with the given array column or key. This function returns the key index and not the search path.

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php search value in multidimensional array

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