Magento 2 Sort by Price Not Working

Magento 2 Sort by Price Not Working

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Importance of search bar

In any eCommerce website, there is no one tool that is more important than the search bar that helps in sales. The real truth is that many eCommerce websites have been trying to get the secret sauce that drives great search experiences on Google. But hardly a few eCommerce websites (including Amazon) have been able to get their search to Google’s level. Statistics have shown a high correlation between people who search and people who buy. This gives a great reason to optimize your eCommerce search engine. To be concise, the search bar is the eye of an eCommerce website.
Magento 2 Sort by Price Not Working

Fix: Sort by Price

On the search results page, sorting by price is an important feature. By default, the result sorted by relevance but when you change the sorting from relevance to price, the result is sometimes still sorted with relevance and in the sorting dropdown relevance remains selected.
 To fix this, use the ExpertRec site search extension. This will add a search engine to your store with a ton of modern functionalities. It is highly customizable and will let you sort the results by price easily.
                          Add Search to your Website
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