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Myntra is a fashion venture by Flipkart, which has improved over the years. Myntra says, that most of the fashion purchases are when done when you see someone using the product and then after you look for the similar product or sometimes maybe the exact one.

This thing cannot be achieved by the simple text search and to overcome it, they introduced the image search.

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So now whenever you find some interesting fashion, just click the photo of it, and search it on Myntra using its image search option.



This will show you all the related fashion products which are related to the products in fashion. You can also add some additional filters to it like, it should have the same colour, same brand, same style, etc.

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Although Myntra’s app-only transition has been looked on with much … The
image search feature provides a way to find similar products on …POPULAR SEARCHES … ONLINE SHOPPING MADE EASY AT MYNTRA
Myntra, THE place to be when it comes to the latest in fashion, offers you fine, …image search on myntra Visual search on the other hand means searching by using an image. “Suppose
you come across an image on the Internet and you want the …If you’re looking to add some trendy shirts or kurtas to your wardrobe, start your
search at Myntra in the styles mentioned below. While many would prefer to get a
Now stop hunting for the fashion you love with text based searches. Try our
image search feature today. Because if its difficult to describe its … Over the last decade, Myntra has witnessed several avatars. … google image
searches and advanced hard disk recovery from old servers. Myntra, the online fashion store owned by Flipkart, has launched Moda … It also
launched a feature called the Image Search, which allows … Now you can simply click a photo of the dress and search for it on Flipkart’s …
Flipkart has introduced an Image Sear – Flipkart’s image search …Myntra is an on the go fashion store with the free mobile app. Shop for clothing,
footwear, accessories and home furnishing for men, women, and kids.Nilaksh Bajpai. Director Engineering at Myntra … Experience. Image for Myntra
Responsible for Search, Recommendation and Fraud prevention in Myntra.

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