How to Create Dynamic Search Box in Wordpress

How to Create Dynamic Search Box in WordPress

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Let’s face it- the default WordPress search is not great. In this article, we will see how to create a dynamic WordPress search engine using expertrec within 5 minutes.How to Create Dynamic Search Box in WordPress


A Dynamic WordPress search engine should have the following features-

  1. Dynamic autocomplete.
  2. Real-time crawl
  3. Images in search that change according to the search query.
  4. Dynamic filters and facets.
  5. Voice search.
  6. Search highlighting.


Add great search to your wordpress site @9 usd per month


Steps to Create Dynamic Search Box in WordPress

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your WordPress website URL and click on next->wordpress search not working
  3. Wait for the crawl of your WordPress site to complete.wordpress search not working
  4. Download expertrec’s WordPress search extension from here -> Download link
  5. In your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins-> Add New-> Upload pluginwordpress search not working
  6. Upload expertrec WordPress zip and click install. wordpress search not working
  7. Click on Activate plugin.wordpress search not working
  8. In your left panel you must be able to see expertrec’s wordpress plugin logo, click on that . wordpress search not working
  9. Get your site ID from your expertrec control panel ( here ).wordpress search not working
  10. Copy-paste your site id in your WordPress control panel and click on save changes.wordpress search not working
  11. Make sure you have upgraded to a paid plan from here.(9 USD per month)
  12. That’s it! Your brand new WordPress search is up and running! Here are snapshots of the search form and the search results pages.
  13. Snapshot of your WordPress search autocomplete.wordpress search not working
  14. Snapshot of your WordPress search results page.wordpress search not working
  15. Snapshot of your WordPress search spelling error tolerance feature.wordpress search not working

Add great search to your wordpress site at 9 USD per month


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