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Getting the perfect Site Search Solutions for your company is vital to boosting your company’s productivity. 

Before Google custom search, Google had the Google site search. After discontinuation in 2018, all previously configured google site search accounts will be converted into google custom search accounts. This means ads will start showing in your search results. Google Custom Search is a paid solution, whereas Elastic Search is free. Although Elastic search is free, the price for Elastic’s SMB solution can be requested.

Google Cloud Search is available as an add-on to G-Suite’s business and enterprise editions. The GCS allows search Filters, Operators and suggestions, and it easy to configure. 

Elastic Site Search is a hosted, ad-free alternative to CSE that provides website owners complete control over their search results through an intuitive dashboard. With Elastic Site Search, you can deliver an elegant, customizable search with always-relevant results.

Elastic Search Dashboard

Elastic-search is a distributed, full-text search engine, or search and analytics database. Unlike traditional relational databases that store data in tables, Elasticsearch uses a key-value store for objects and is a lot more versatile. It can run queries much more complicated than traditional databases and do this at a petabyte-scale. However, though Elasticsearch is a competent platform, it requires a fair bit of administration to get it to perform at its best.

Elasticsearch is not quite a readymade solution as GSS or GCS. Building a search interface from Elasticsearch can be challenging. Hence it is not advisable to plunge into the solution. It takes expertise to successfully scale an Elasticsearch cluster and ensure that it functions seamlessly.

If you want a perfect replacement to GCS; you should try Expertrec (at $9 per month).


  • It is paid, unlike elastic search.
  • It is hosted on the cloud, and you cannot use it if you have sensitive data to search (same with google custom search).


  1. Quick integration, you can get a working search in 5 minutes.
  2. It is a turn-key solution, so you don’t need any developer bandwidth to use this.
  3. It supports multiple file types like pdf, word etc.

Learn more about Elastic Search through the video:

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