How to integrate expertrec search to weebly website

How to add Google Search to weebly websites ?

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Google Custom Search is Shutdown, In this article we would walk you through setting up ExpertRec Site Search a best alternative to Google Custom Search.

Follow this step by step guide and add Expertrec site search to your Weebly website or online store.

Create your Weebly website

1. Create your website in Weebly and keep your website URL of your Weebly site handy. in this demonstration we would create a website called or you can have your domain name.

Add Weebly site to Expertrec dashboard

On a new tab Logon to and add your Weebly website URL.

Add website URL to expertrec site search


Add JavaScript embed code to your Weebly site.

1. Once you add your Weebly site URL to the expertrec dashboard, click on **Install > Code**. You will have two codes.

* One is Expertrec Site Search Javascript embed code
* Searchbox widget code `<ci-search></ci-search>` which you should place where you want display the expertrec search box.

Add website URL to expertrec site search

2. Copy the Javascript embed code by clicking on copy button.

3. Switch to your weebly dashboard, Click on Edit Website.

weebly dashboard

4. Visit SEO Settings page by clicking on Settings and choose SEO and add the Expertrec Site Search JavaScript embed code ( Ctrl + V  / Paste ) to footer code and save the settings.


add expertrec embed code to Weebly site

Add Expertrec Search widget code to your weebly site.

1. We just have one more step add ExpertRec Searchbox widget to the Weebly site. Click on Theme on your Weebly page builder on top navbar, and click ‘Edit HTML/CSS’ at the left bottom of the screen.

Edit theme html in weebly

2. Choose the template file where you want to have the expertrec site search and add the HTML code `<ci-search></ci-search>` as required. Generally, we place it in header.html file. You can always place it inside a container div so that you can control its position easily. More info on how to change the style of the expertrec site searchbox is here.


add expertrec search box to weebly website header

Add CSS to Search widget

3. Let’s try to add some margin so that it looks better on the website and click on the “Publish” button. and you can preview the site

<style type=”text/css”>
#erec-search-box-container {


Add custom CSS to expertrec search box

Publish the website

Now Publish the website. Hooray, We are done. Now you have expertrec site search on your Weebly website.

Website Preview

Here is our website where you had the demonstration. You can try it here

Experterc integration with Weebly website
You can customize expertrec site search for your Weebly site.

Please make sure you see “Crawling” or “Crawled” Status on Expertrec dashboard.

Expertrec Crawling status completed

If you are facing any issues setting up ExpertRec Site Search, you can always reach out ExpertRec customer support.

Make your weebly website more searchable by adding ExpertRec Site Search

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