How Much Does it Cost to Build a Shopify Website?

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Everyone wants to start a business nowadays because of the significant boom in the E-commerce industry in recent years. However, the main problem is knowing how much money you need to invest. At first, everything looks confusing to you, so it’s essential that you know the basics. This guide is exclusively made to guide you in that process.

Budgeting For Websites

On average, most websites charge monthly or yearly with around a cost budget of $3000 to $10000. It can also vary depending on maintenance, payment processing, hosting, plugin, theme, design, costs, etc.

According to some calculations, the number of people expected to shop online is supposed to increase by more than 2.1 billion in 2023. This goes to show that this industry will grow, and the prices will skyrocket. Because of this, on the one hand, we have some companies trying to get you to spend way more than you need to, while other companies are placing their prices way too low to attract you. In reality, however, those are just tricks to get you to start paying, but in the end, that purchase may not even be beneficial to you.

Shopify Budget

Shopify is an E-Commerce platform that helps people or businesses who want to sell their products online. With the help of Shopify POS, a person can also sell their products in person. It has three types of plans which may suit everyone’s choices.


Even though this is only $29, and is the cheapest Shopify plan you can afford, it still has a lot of features that can help you set up your shop without much coding. There are a lot of benefits, such as 24/7 Shopify, 2 staff accounts, power support for sales channels, unlimited product listing, etc.


It is only $79, and it is the bestseller among all the other plans as it is affordable, and it has more features besides the base plan ones- such as 5 staff accounts, professional reports, up to 88% shipping discounts, up to 5 inventory locations, etc.


Starting at $299, it is one of Shopify’s most premium offers. It might be a bit too pricey for self-owned businesses, but it is perfect for large enterprises. There are many benefits to this offer, such as 15 staff accounts, best transactional and shipping rates, third-party calculated shipping, etc on top of everything that the other plans had offered.

Other Plans

There are two other plans as well. The Starter and the Shopify plus. Both are sitting on the opposite scale of pricing. One is $5, and the other is $2000.
The starter can not even help you to make a website, but it can help you add a purchase link to your already existing website etc. The plus on the other hand is made for big enterprises with more traffic, and management requirements. So this helps them to adjust it all.

What are the Benefits?

As you can already tell there are many advantages of using Shopify, especially on the money side. Because of all of these plans and offers, many people naturally gravitate towards this service. But that is not all. What features and facilities are there exactly? Let’s find out.

1. Quick Set Up

Using Shopify, you can easily set up a store, and you don’t need to be a coding master to do it. The interface can be used easily as it is very user-friendly. Shopify will host and provide all the software for you and will take care of any traffic spikes and updates if there are any. You can also find videos on how to operate your site on the website itself.

2. Lower Maintenance Cost

Unlike some other companies, you can get a reliable support system that will help you whenever you need it, and the maintenance fee is also very low.

3. Secured Site

Shopify will help keep your and especially your client’s important or sensitive information a secret. It takes care of server maintenance and helps you keep your pages loaded at all times. Besides Shopify is a certified level 1 PCI DSS-compliant platform which means it is of the highest standard of security. Thus it will keep your shop secure by default.

4. Customer Support

It has 24/7 customer support that will be responding to your customer in a fairly reasonable time keeping your business up and running. Also, there are multiple ways to get in touch with them, such as phone, email, or web chat that is available on the website. Still, even if the service doesn’t reach on time, there are always the help centre, forums, and guides available.

5. Marketing Tools

One of the most important selling points of Shopify is powerful Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It has facilities that will help your online business grow, and reach a good rank in search results. It also informs you about which pages your customers visit while being on your site for the first time, which will help you determine how to market to them.

6. App Application

There are many marketing tools but there are even more apps to help you with your business. With over 1,500 apps to choose from, you can pick out which one suits you the best. These apps can help you add reviews, customer wish lists, print labels, shipping, social media sites, and many more.

7. Free Trial

There is even a free 3-day trial available where you can use free stock photos and templates, get a subdomain and check if you like the site or not. It also doesn’t require a credit card.

Start with Shopify Now!

There can be reasons why you may not wish to use Shopify over other websites. However, Shopify has the most cost-effective benefits to help you in the long run. It is suitable for all kinds of people, whether they are a big company or a small business in someone’s garage. If you’re trying to find a way to achieve your dream to start your own website, even if you have a small budget, Shopify is there to make it a reality. Do not hesitate to start, success will find its way to you.


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