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Google’s new voice search is pretty handy, but it’s even better when you can initiate it with a keyboard shortcut so you never have to touch your mouse.


  1. To initiate Google Voice Search, just head to Google in Chrome, and hit Ctrl+Shift+. (or Command+Shift+. on Mac).
  2. When you’re all done, just hit Esc, and the search will start. It’s certainly not going to change the way you use Google, but it’s helpful nonetheless

If you use Chrome, you’ve probably noticed the small microphone icon from Google’s search box. It lets you search Google using your voice and it’s now just as good as the voice search feature from Google’s mobile apps.

There’s even a keyboard shortcut for this feature: Ctrl+Shift+. (or ⌘-Shift-. for Mac). Yes, that’s a dot, full stop or voice search keyboard shortcut


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