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You all should know that there is no in-built connector for Google Search Console in the Power BI desktop. Also, many of you may want to derive advantages from Microsoft’s Power BI. You will be happy to know that there is a Search Console analysis tool to utilize Power BI.


With Google Search Console Power BI, you will be able to manage the Search Console properties, view the Google search data and errors, and also test URLs. Along with this, you can also query the search analytics data and manage the sitemaps.

The Search Console Analytics allows the web developers to query data which you can get inside the Search Analytics report. You can also get the Search Analytics data inside Excel without any effort as Excel also supports the new Search Console API.

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Since we are talking much about the word query, then you should also know about the query() method. The query() method shows all the data which is present in the Performance Report in the Google Search Console.

At last, Google Search Console should be praised like several other server logs that give the real view of how the search engines crawl the websites.

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google search console power bi

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