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Laravel Google Custom Search

Laravel Google Custom Search Engine is an excellent package that we can use to get Google Custom Search results from Google Custom Search Engine API for both free and paid versions.

Using Google Custom Search Laravel package -Laravel Google Custom Search Engine allows you to add Google Custom Search within your Laravel app easily. Well, there are not many possibilities if you want to have your search engine on your site without too much programming. There was service called Swiftpe, where you had a free plan – you enter the URL of your site, and you got HTML code to insert in your page – and you had your full-text search engine. Now there are only costly plans.

google custom search laravel

Nowadays, there is no simple solution, you cannot just import URL or URLs, but it is needed to convert them to documents, insert in some service like Algolia, learn the API and search and update by yourself, which is not very fast. You can use the Google Custom Search engine the same way as Swiftype, but there are too many ads, which do not look very professional.

You can create Google Custom Search Laravel for Laravel-project and use it in a very simple way like

$fulltext = new LaravelGoogleCustomSearchEngine(); // initialize
$results = $fulltext->getResults('some phrase'); // get first 10 results for query 'some phrase'

It takes expertise to successfully scale and create Google Custom Search Laravel while ensuring that it functions seamlessly.


If you want a perfect replacement to GCS; you should try Expertrec (at $9 per month).


  • Pros:It is paid, unlike elastic search.
  • It is hosted on the cloud, and you cannot use it if you have sensitive data to search (same with Google custom search).


  1. Quick integration, you can get a working search in 5 minutes.
  2. It is a turn-key solution, so you don’t need any developer bandwidth to use this.
  3. It supports multiple file types like pdf, word etc.

Learn more about the Google Custom Search Engines in the video:

Laravel package to get Google Custom Search results from Google Custom
Search Engine API for both free and paid versions. As Spatie’s package is limited to the paid version and I needed to use the free version of
Google Custom Search Engine with Google API, I wrote new …google custom search laravelGet searchresults from a Google Custom Search Engine
opensource/laravel · 79 commits · 2 branches · 12 releases · Fetching
contributors · MIT. With Google Custom Search, you get the technology behind
powering your website’s search, while being able to retain the look … In this article we’ll be reviewing Laravel Google Custom Search Engine package
it allows you to easily add Google Custom Search within you …A Laravel package for synchronizing with Google Search Console to get visitors’
search keywords. 11 … Get searchresults from a Google Custom Search Engine. In this article i will discuss about integrating google custom seach engine with
laravel for this i will be using laravel package called …Google Custom Search enables you to create a search engine for your website,
your blog, or a collection of websites. You can configure your engine to search …Remove all the urls entered in “Sites to Search” from and you will have the
search returned from whole web. Note: The results on main google …Qiita is a technical knowledge sharing and collaboration platform for
programmers. You can record and post programming tips, know-how and notes

Add Custom Search to your website

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