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Google-voice-java-1.1.-java6.jar is a Java library which allows the users to implement voice-based functionalities in their projects. This API uses neural networks and Speech-to-Text technology in order to improvise the voice commands and provide the related functionalities. This API can be used to convert the speech to text, can help you perform other voice-related commands like, opening apps, texting someone and much more. 

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In order to use this API, you need to download the Google-voice-java-1.1.-java6.jar library and then import the same in your project.

To do so, go to Google Code and search for the library and download it or you can click here. As this API is categorized under freeware, you do not need to worry about the usage terms and conditions.

Many application, today, like texting – SMS and WhatsAPP, and VoIP apps like Skype, all use voice-based functionalities

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Search. Download googlevoicejava-1.8-java5.jar : google voice « g « Jar File
Download. Jar File Download · g · google voice. Download …voice search google java appThis example demonstrate how to use google search api in java. … This post
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turning this into a voice search, such that i speak and i get an answer back in
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