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Doofinder was established in 2010 and has been providing an excellent service in many countries currently. Its site search feature is an excellent one for online businesses. Every ecommerce website has to ensure that clients are getting results for what they are seeking, even if there are typographical and spelling issues, using semantic processing-based search technologies. It helps company owners offer a distinctive shopping experience by highlighting the most pertinent goods. Doofinder also enables website owners to boost sales conversions and improve income.

E-commerce search software is a commonly utilized technology with many competitors in the market, and many people are looking for quickly available software with natural language, search statistical analysis, and simple stemming.

Alternatives to Doofinder

Now let’s analyse the alternative of Doofinder. To make it easier, we have compared the features and the cost, so that you can make the decision swiftly. There are many more search solutions available in the market when considering an alternative to Doofinder or any other search solution, it’s important to assess your specific requirements, budget, scalability needs, ease of implementation, and available customization options. You can check our Expertrec which has many benefits compared to Doofinder.


With Expertrec, adding a customized search engine to a website or online store is simple. Using its comprehensive control panel, you can alter the design, and appearance of your search engine to match the layout of your website.

With Expertrec, one can easily add a unique search engine to a website or online store. Using its comprehensive control panel, you may alter the search engine’s look and feel to match the layout of your website. Features include – Spelling check, Autocomplete, Customized search along with many other options. You may use voice search, search-as-you-write, faceted search, and search for PDF, XLS, and DOC files.

ExpertRec is a custom search engine provider program that creates a search engine exclusively for your website based on its URL. The adjustments may be performed quickly and simply without any code from the Expertrec dashboard.

The tool is automated. It’s a really simple process that begins with you checking in and uploading the sitemap URL or nearest data centre area. Once the indexing of sites has started, you may test it out to see if any modifications need to be made to the ranks; if so, they are simple to implement.

In order to give users of produced websites a straightforward and quick search experience, ExpertRec is a unique search engine solution for website owners. The program allows users to search through various contents according to their needs and is compatible with PDF, Excel, and Word files.

Additionally, search results launched by Expertrec load in a matter of milliseconds, providing consumers with a seamless search experience. Because there are no adverts displayed in the search engine results on Expertrec, users can concentrate on their job without being interrupted. Additionally, it indexes the information on the login pages, enabling the search engine to easily show such sites.

The software’s biggest feature is that it enables voice search on websites, making it easier for users to browse through the material without having to type. ExpertRec can be connected with several popular CMS systems, including Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. The platform claims seamless interoperability with about 30 languages from across the world, promoting seamless business, in addition to providing a number of explicit amenities.

So that people don’t have to hustle to boost their E-commerce presence online, it concentrates on giving customer-centric solutions to the E-commerce platforms. What distinguishes them? They guarantee that clients can browse your E-commerce site with ease. It excels at what it does because of its distinct culture.

Expertrec concentrates on goals, revenue, and results since it is aware that these are your main priorities. They contribute to increasing the sales of your E-commerce businesses at every stage. Since the team assists customers in reaching their objectives, the delighted clientele speaks for itself. You need to experiment to decide why you should pick it.

The top objective of search engines is to satisfy customers. At every step, the team will be there to help you. They go above and above to provide services of the highest calibre that will boost your sales.

You may quickly notice a huge impact on your statistics with a strong team effort. The best approach is transparency. To develop relationships based on trust, they adhere to their motto.

Why Use Expertrec

There are many reasons why Expertrec should be your first priority. While there can be many reasons why it can be a popular choice, here are some top reasons why Expertrec can be your best bet:

  • Best Pricing in the market
  • Filter Search Results
  • Auto-Completion
  • App Integration
  • Search Relevance
  • Machine Learning
  • Text Analytics
  • Multilingual Search
  • Customizability
  • Multi-Platform
  • Indexing
  • NLP
  • Personalized search

The Takeaway

It is crucial to research every product to more thoroughly comprehend and categorize it in order to provide your customers with the most accurate search results. Adding an advanced search tool to your E-commerce website may help your business reach its goals by harnessing data. In that case, Expertrec can be a great alternative if it fits your needs.


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