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Darktrace is a platform that allows an analyst to confirm as well as scope potential threat activity. It also helps to know about the network-based indicators (NBIs) which are generally related to an attack.

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Advanced Search is the most important feature of Darktrace. For instance, a remote file copy over can be easily detected with the help of it. The Advanced Search option helps to search the generally used fields or combine search terms.

Darktrace Advanced Search examples include recent breaches and threats to data, which was explained by the Darktrace to CNBC. It also said that the company owners are now looking for advanced forms of technology to secure their data.

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Moreover, the companies sometimes find it difficult to differentiate between the real and the fake data. That is why it is important to create an advanced search for mobile phones or computers.

Another good example of advanced searching is finding issues with the help of AffectedVersion 3.14. Also, by making a search query, you can carry out an Advanced Search view.

Talking about advanced search the best way to set up the advanced search feature is to use some 3rd party site search solution. One such prominent search solution provider is swiftype search. However there are times in which things can go south with this and at swiftype site search not working this could happen by the swiftype site search no results being shown. In this case you will again end up looking for a swiftype site search replacement. Expertrec by far is the best in this space for affordable nd reliable search solution provider.

For further information about Darktrace, watch this video: 

YouTube video

YouTube video

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