Creating an Effective Abandoned Cart Recovery Strategy on Shopify

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Maybe not blood, sweat, and tears, but you definitely utilize a lot of resources, your time, and innovative ideas to build a store from scratch, and curate products that are compelling to your audience, and targeted audience. And then you realize over 60% of your customers look around your store just to leave the cart and not proceed to buy.

While Shopify abandoned carts are indeed heartbreaking, it doesn’t have to be as worse as it seems to you right now. There are a lot of initiatives you can take towards these abandoned carts. In this article, we will discuss the strategies to apply to prevent abandoned carts.

Shopify Abandoned Cart: In Simple Terms

Online shopping is similar to exploring a mall since you can look around a variety of shops without having a strong desire to make a purchase. While considering your options, you might carry a few goods around the store, but if the salesperson doesn’t catch you in time to seal the deal, you might set those items down on a shelf, and leave the area.

When a consumer shops online at a Shopify store, they may add products to their basket, but they may exit the website before checking out. By comparing the rate of consumers who add things to their carts to the rate of purchases, you can measure the cart abandonment rate of your E-commerce website.

Excellent Shopify Abandoned Cart Retrieval Techniques

The online equivalent of this lack of commitment in shoppers is represented by Shopify’s abandoned cart, which is even less committed since online customers are more likely to become distracted by text messages or abruptly exit your website.

Don’t let that happen to you. Here are some of the techniques that you can practice for better retrieval techniques:

  • You Can Never Go Wrong With Discounts

Everybody gets delighted with discounts! You, me, everyone! Think of it from a customer’s point of view; if they find discounts on the products they have a wishlist, there’s a very slim chance that you would have to deal with a Shopify abandoned cart issue.

Customers may require an extra push to finish their purchase. To entice the consumer to return, and finish their purchase, think about including a reward, or coupon in your abandoned cart retrieval email. It can be free delivery or a discount on their entire purchase. Additionally, there are several Shopify connection options that may make your use of the retrieved abandoned cart emails much more effective.

  • Implement Live-chat

Another method for lowering Shopify cart abandonment is live chat. Live chat can be used to assist consumers with orders and offer customer service. Customers are less prone to abandon a purchase, for instance, when an agent responds to their inquiries regarding the product.

With the help of the free messaging app ‘Shopify Inbox’, you can converse with the buyers while they purchase. Conversations via the Shop app, Instagram, Messenger, and online shop chat can all be managed. In fact, customers making purchases have over 60% of all discussions in the Shopify Inbox.

You may customize each message while you are chatting, by using real-time customer information like the goods they have browsed, what they have in their basket, and their previous orders. Even better, you may provide discounts, and product recommendations without leaving the conversation.

  • Free Shipping for Better Shopping

For reference, 77% of consumers agree that free shipping is preferable to fast shipment. Additionally, consumers are accustomed to quick and free shipment, thanks to programs like Amazon Prime, so charging for shipping is becoming an even larger detriment.

Free delivery for the whole site inventory isn’t always a viable choice for certain E-commerce shops, especially new or tiny ones. Offer free delivery as an alternative by setting a minimum order amount.

Use your enticing shipping offer as a marketing tool once you have one. In website advertisements, on payment pages, and even on merchandise pages, promote your free delivery option.

  • Put a Strong Emphasis on Your Email Game

Your retrieval of abandoned carts email can be personalized with Shopify Plus to match your company’s image and tone. Navigate to Settings > Alerts to accomplish this. In the “Abandoned Clearance” area, scroll down, and select “Edit.” Then, you will be able to edit your email’s subject line, content, and layout.

Make sure your email is interesting, educational, and contains a clear call-to-action to nudge the recipient to finish the transaction.

To improve your chances of winning back the customer’s attention, think about building up a series of recovered abandoned cart emails.

Utilize Shopify’s ability to send a maximum of three abandoned cart retrieval emails by creating an effective sequence of emails that remind consumers of the products they left in their cart, and have a pull in them to influence the buyers to purchase.

  • Make Checking Out Process Simple

Another strategy to decrease abandoned checkouts is to eliminate friction throughout the checkout process. Remove any extraneous fields, queries, or forms that can drive people away from your shop.

Create big checkout keys that make it clear how to finish a transaction with the fewest number of clicks as well. If you’re still building your business, you might want to look for a Shopify theme that has an efficient checkout page.

Include a ‘Buy Now option on the item’s page itself as a suggestion for streamlining your checkout procedure. As a result, the purchasing process is followed, and the customers have fewer exit points from your website.

  • Keep a Strong Eye on the Metrics

To determine how successful your recuperation of abandoned carts emails are, monitor your dropped cart recovered rate. Shopify has comprehensive statistics that let you see the number of abandoned carts you hold, how many recovery emails you’ve sent, and how many of those have actually resulted in a sale.

Wrapping Up

Having a good website for your business has no value if the customers don’t make a purchase. If you see a lot of abandoned carts in your metrics, it’s high time you start strategizing. In this highly competitive market, if you let abandoned carts in between you, and your success, it will surely show its impact.


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