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Bootstrap Autocomplete Npm

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Read bootstrap autocomplete npm for more information.

You can install bootstrap 4 autocomplete with npm using

npm install bootstrap-4-autocomplete

bootstrap autocomplete npm

When you call autocomplete on a texfield (also known as input type=”text”), this lib builds a Dropdown around the textfield, having its parent as the container. The textfield is then injected an onkeyup event that triggers the Dropdown when the length of the text typed is equal or greater than the treshold. When this happens, the data is then filtered to get only the items that contain the text typed. When you activate one of the items, the textfield’s value is set to that item’s label.

Warning: setting autocomplete on a texfield removes any previously set ‘click’ and ‘keyup’ events, so if you need to set any of those, set them after autocomplete.

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