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advanced search using ajax and php

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Advanced search using ajax

Majority of the websites built today have an integrated search feature. But, the basic traditional search has been made more advanced now. The advanced search feature comes with auto-suggestions that are constantly updated according to the string entered by a user into the search bar. Most importantly, these suggestions are made on a real-time basis from the database of related PHP server. As a result, when a user types his query in the search bar, it starts offering suggestions as per the input.

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This is also called a live search. The live search comes with the following additional benefits:

Benefits of live search

  • The search results are shown as the user types in the search bar
  • The search results narrow as the user types the full query
  • User can remove some characters from the query string to broaden the search result in case it becomes too narrow

Users can create more user-friendly searches that offer a better interactive experience with an advanced search using Ajax and PHP. An advanced search can be built by using Ajax, PHP, jQuery and SQL.

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First, a search table is created and then it is connected to the database to retrieve data using MySQL. When implemented, the search bar will offer more advanced search results due to the assigned program.

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