Algolia Woocommerce Price

Algolia Woocommerce Price

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Woocommerce Search

Woocommerce is a great platform for eCommerce websites. And one of the important things while having an ecommerce website is to have a good search bar that is helpful for your users to find the product. There are a lot of option for search providers and Algolia is the most popular of them.

Woocommerce Search Pricing

Algolia provides specialized search solutions for ecommerce based websites. The search has various features like autocomplete, instant search, and spell-correct. In this blog, we will discuss the pricing of Algolia’s search solutions. It is worth noting that Algolia has a free plan but its usage is limited and if you are planning to do anything significant then you might struggle opting this plan. The next plan comes at $29/month and this is the base plan. This plan can be upgraded in terms of search queries and records maintained. So for every additional 100,000 operations, you consume $5 and $5 for every additional 20,000 records you store.  


Algolia Alternatvie

There are a few good search providers out there and one of the best priced for the features offered is Expertrec. Expertrec comes with all the features of Algoloia search at just $9/month and is very highly customisable without coding. The WP plugin from Expertrec lets you add search to your woo-commerce site with just a few clicks.

algolia pricing woocommerce

woocommerce algolia price


Add Woocommerce Search to your website @ $9/month

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