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Whoozy People Search Engine is a search engine which is used to search anyone on this planet over the Internet. Whoozy Search Engine uses APIs through which they make it possible to find that exact person from entire Web, either from any social network site, news, or from any articles which are published on the web.


The user sends any request from the API which is then carried forward it to the provider and then the provider delivers you the response. In the case of Whoozy, people search for any person’s name, that means they are requesting all the information of that person from the entire Internet. The API takes that request and forwards it to the provider, and service providers with the help of their algorithms respond back and you get the results on the screen. These Providers and APIs crawls through each and every site for that same name which is being searched. Finally, they collect all the information and displays it as a result. This is useful while searching for anyone around the globe, of which you need any information.     

On the other hand, there are many search engines that do not track you or find details about you.

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