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SearchWP is an easy to use search plugin for WordPress websites to get more relevant search results. Users can set weight for different keywords at different positions and fine-tune the search results.

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Some of the best features offered by search WP include:

  1.     Custom field data or metadata
  2.     Integration with product search for e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads etc.
  3.     Visitor insights

People can also download Firefox add-ons or extensions to search WordPress websites from the Firefox browser. Use Search WP Mozilla Suggest for Firefox to add a custom search engine which is a free extension for Firefox browser. On installing the WP Search Suggest add-on, one can easily perform search WordPress right from the Firefox search box. 

Find more details about the Search WP Mozilla here:

Use extensions built for SearchWP to better meet your needs by customizing the
… WooCommerce is one of the leading e-commerce platforms for WordPress.With the release of Firefox Quantum (> 57.x) this fantastic extension could not be
used anymore. I use it from many years, and would be a shame not relying on it …search wp mozillaDownload Firefox extensions to customize the way you search—everything from
privacy-enhanced searching to website-specific searches, image searching, … Add custom search engine is a free extension for the Firefox web browser to add
any search engine to the Firefox web browser. Firefox users …Download WordPress Search Suggest for Firefox. Search wordpress right from
the Firefox SearchBox. WP Plugins. wordpress-plugins-directory-add-ons-for-firefox. Installs logo of the
main page of Codex at the top right corner of the Firefox search …Find the line that says define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, false ); and change false to true. … If
I try and activate the plug-in in the post (on FireFox), I get a blank screen. – – [11/Mar/2019:14:36:08 -0400] “GET /?s=11973-18160-4434
HTTP/2.0″ 200 8950 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 11.0; Win64; …hi Georges-Etienne, if you have any questions about e10s support for
multiprocess Firefox, just drop by the #e10s IRC channel on MDN
also has … SearchWP, a Firefox addon, has been mentioned before on MakeUseOf. works
by using the existing search field at the top of your browser.

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