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Nowadays, you can experiment in the native mobile application with speech recognition. React-native voice is among the best libraries to construct a speech. The react native voice library has been made available for iOS and Android phones.

React Native Voice Recording

Also, you may feel that you want to look at the voice search react native. In such a case, you can go through a react native module that allows speech to text for Android phones. Moreover, as you know that voice search has become an important part of the recent technology, it is also used for v-commerce.



React NativeBy the year 2020, it is expected that more than 50% of the searches will be done via voice commands. It is important to know that out of every five searches made on Google, one is a voice search. Spotify has also implemented the alternative of voice search for its users. After all, the use of voice search makes the work simple!


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Recently I’ve been experimenting with speech recognition in native mobile apps.
Reactnative-voice is the easiest library for building a speech … React Native Native Voice library for iOS and Android. … Voice.isAvailable(),
Checks whether a speech recognition service is available on the …voice search react nativeYou might wanna look at reactnative-android-voice, a React Native module that
supports speech-to-text for Android. Alternatively, you can …In this post, I will outline our thought process behind the development of a voice
search feature in a recent React Native project. I will also walk through how the … Here we take a look at voice search technology and provide v-commerce
examples to show you what voice commerce is and why it’s expected …With more than 50% of searches happening through voice by 2020, Algolia helps
you go where search is headed. Personalization, query understanding, and … Your Voice Assistant in ReactNative & DialogFlow … App and get early feedback
from our users like intent recognition issues, noise problems … Voice search, the topic that is on the virtual tip of every marketer’s tongue,
currently accounts for one out of every five Google mobile searches … Now Spotify listens to you instead of the other way around. Spotify has a new
voice search interface that lets you say “Play my Discover Weekly … Thankfully, there are voice search apps. … Using voice-enabled search apps on
Android, you can gain quick access to …… iOS App Development · Firebase
Development Services · React Native App Development · Corona …

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