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WordPress’ search engine works well in its own way but some of its functionalities still need to be improved. For instance, when a user performed a search in older versions of a WordPress website, the results were sorted by date i.e. newest content at the top and oldest at the bottom.

However, sometimes users look for more sophisticated search results such as sorting by relevance. This can be achieved by inserting a small code into it or installing some plugins. In order to perform WordPress search sort by relevance, users may download the Relevanssi plugin which replaces the ‘search by date’ feature to a better search mode.

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The key features of WordPress search sort by relevance include:

  • It matches partial words and displays the search result if complete words are not found.
  • Ability to search the web pages matching either a single keyword with ‘OR query’ or all the words using ‘AND query’.
  • Ability to search phrases with quotes.
  • Display custom excerpts with the keyword highlighted to show where the hit was made.
  • Highlight the search keyword in the content on clicking on the search option.
  • Allows searching of comments, tags, and categories as well.

Find more details on WordPress search sort by relevance  watch the video

Sort by relevance. In older versions of WordPress, search results were sorted by
date and not much else. Because this is (at the very least) …I think you can use Relevanssi without any problem but need to use a filter hook,
check relevanssi_modify_wp_query for more details, check …wordpress search sort by relevanceRelevanssi replaces the standard WordPress search with a better search engine,
with lots of … Search results sorted in the order of relevance, not by date.The trick is to sort the posts directly in the query object. … 5 ) ); // calculate the
relevance for each post foreach( $query_posts->posts as $post …Keywords changed from search posts, page, title, relevance needs-patch to …
give more emphasis to matches on title to Search: order results by relevance … In this guide, we’ll take a look at how the default WordPress search … you can do
to improve the relevance of your site’s search results. … All search results were
returned and sorted chronologically with no further sorting. Order by relevance is either orderby=relevance or no orderby … Feature
WordPress search Relevanssi Free Relevanssi Premium Easy to …’relevance‘ – Order by search terms in the following order: First, whether the entire
sentence is matched. Extends WP_Query to allow for post queries sorted by relevance. –
mannieschumpert/wp-relevancequery. WordPress is a flexible content management system, but its default site … sort by
relevance or date, phrase search, and filter searches by tags, …

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