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Read voice search jquery for more information.

Voice search allows the users to obtain search results without wasting energy on typing words or phrases. For using the voice search option on Google, you need to open the Google website on your desktop. Once you do this, you will find the microphone icon present inside the search box. You can click on the icon and speak out certain words related to your search and get results for the same.

                 Google Voice Image

Furthermore, API which helps in speech recognition allows the browser to accept speech input. The data for speech input can be processed by using jQuery.

                                     Web Speech Demonstration

Today, a lot of people are interested in using voice search daily. That is why speech recognition software has become all the more popular. It began right from Siri on iOS and is now used in Apple too.

The JavaScript web speech API has made it easy for web pages to accept speech recognition. API also guarantees good control over speech. It takes notes by using traditional keyboard input or voice to text. Voice search jQuery just needs to use in the same old way for it.

To know more about voice search on Google click here: 

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