A sitemap is a map of your website which tells search engine crawlers all the URLs in your page that has to be crawled. If you don,t have a sitemap, there are possibilities of certain pages being dropped from google’s search index.

Here are top reasons to have a sitemap according to Google-

  1. Your site is large- If you have a large number of pages, google’s crawlers might miss some pages
  2. Your site has large content pages that are not well linked– A crawler crawls based on how your website is linked. It goes to the home page and then follows link in an order. If your site linking is not good, google might miss some pages. If you mention all the important pages in a sitemap, this reduces this issue.Top 4 reasons to have a sitemap according to google
  3. Your site is new and has very few backlinks-When a new website is launched, google’s crawlers don’t find your website unless some site links to your website. Top 4 reasons to have a sitemap according to google
  4. Rich media-Sitemaps can tell google crawlers that certain posts are news and certain posts are recipes etc. This helps in getting your website results shown in google rich snippets 
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