Top Free Shopify Search Apps

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Shopify is the best place to launch an eCommerce store and witness thrilling growth. As always, there are several factors involved in it, especially if you are searching for the best Shopify search app. And, as you know, even a minute change that may appear insignificant upfront can easily create a bigger impact.

Top Free Shopify Search Apps

Get Shopify Search Bar For FREE (no coding required) 

Top Free Shopify Search App

That’s why here’s the list of top free Shopify search app in 2021. Install them at almost zero upfront cost.

1. Expertrec Smart Search Bar

Expertrec Smart Search App is listed in the Shopify store with almost all the functionalities including the popular ones like voice search.

Free Shopify search app by Expertrec with voice search

Why install Expertrec Smart Search App:

  • It is a google-like search bar that promises zero ads. Your customers will be merely yours.
  • There is no limit on search queries. Following it, Expertrec offers unlimited searches.
  • Since the day Google launched the autocomplete feature, it is a must-have for every search bar. It distinctively matters if it is a search engine on your website.
  • Expertrec search bar is compatible with all the devices. Be it a laptop, PC, tablet, iPad, iPhone, or the popular Android, Expertrec search bar will find its way by having a responsive search user interface.
  • You can easily edit the UI of the search bar by dragging and dropping certain options. You do not require to smash your head on any coding tutorial and fix the unwillingly welcomed bugs.
  • Every update in the settings is going to reflect on your original website in a flash of light. It means that Expertrec supports real-time product indexing. Update your product that is in stock by seeing the demand. It will be shown almost instantaneously on your product page with appropriate indexing.
  • Puzzled to get a Spell checker? Well, Expertrec Smart Search Bar has an inbuilt spell checker. It is a magic bend of limitless Ajax searches, analytics, filters, and voice search.
  • Expertrec search API support is easily available with proper documentation.
  • Autosuggestions are something that plays several roles. Sometimes, they are used to inform the users about similar products while, on the other side, they also help in making the website visitors aware of your new launches and other product domain.

How Expertrec makes your store stand out

  • Expertrec Shopify Search App successfully supports 30+ languages. Be it German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Greek, Tamil, or Japanese. Your visitors won’t have to restrain the searching options because searching is another language. Precisely speaking, it’s a part of Natural Language Processing.
  • I can bet that most of you are using voice search on a day-to-day basis. You may be using Alexa, Siri, or our all-time favorite Google assistant. Although it simplifies the search process, it has inevitably raised the upcoming demand for voice search. Expertrec supports voice search, and that is completely functional in all instances.
  • Coming to the best part! Expertrec offers a 14-day free trial without needing any credit card information. All you need is to go to Shopify App Store and type Expertrec Smart Search Bar and install it. Once you explore the awesome searching experience Expertrec is offering, you can go for a paid plan starting at a minimal price of $9/month.
  • Technical support is commendable. I am 100% sure that you guys are often puzzled whether to take a service or not because you might be unsure of the response. Well, let me make it clear. Expertrec technical support team is always there for you. Even your minute query is entertained as soon as possible. So, go for it without any second thought.

Pricing and plans of Expertrec Search Engine

Expertrec search pricing

  • R2D2 is paid yearly, and you can avail of it at $9 per month. This is the most basic Expertrec CSE plan that covers unlimited search queries with indexing up to 2,000 pages.
  • Skywalker allows you to index up to 5,000 pages at $25 per month. It also covers unlimited search queries along with searching content of PDF, Sheets, and DOC files.
  • Yoda is one of the most popular plans that can be either yearly or monthly paid according to your preference. It can index up to 10,000 pages and supports unlimited search queries.
  • Darth Vader is a giant plan to be paid yearly or monthly indexing up to 20,000 pages. If you have a really big eCommerce store, then it is a perfect plan to go for.

How to install Expertrec Shopify Search App

For other methods, you can read How to get Shopify search code in 5 minutes.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to install the Expertrec Smart Search:

1. Go to Shopify App Store and head on to Expertrec Smart Search Bar.

Go to Shopify app store for Expertrec Shopify search app

2. Click on the Add app.

Add Expertrec Smart Search App to Shopify Store

3. Now, click on the Install app button as shown below:

Install Expertrec shopify search app

4. Start your free trial by clicking on it.

Start Expertrec Free Trial

5. By default, the Expertrec Shopify App is already enabled. However, you can also ensure it by clicking on the App section in your online store admin panel.

Shopify search is enabled in Expertrec dashboard

 6. Here, when you go into the about section, you will be automatically redirected to the Expertrec dashboard.

Shopify Store having Expertrec search bar

7. You can play around with the setting and customize the search bar as you want.

That’s all. You have installed Expertrec Smart Search Bar without coding at all.

2. Google Custom Search Engine

If you need a search bar that works decent, then Google Custom Search Engine is the best option. But, here’s the warning. Google CSE shows ads. And, really, a lot of ads.

It may steal your visitors and stop them from converting into a successful lead just by a single click. Still, if you want to go with it, then there’s no issue at all. It is a decent option when you are just starting. Otherwise, it is very detrimental in the long term.

Let’s know how to install Google Custom Search Engine and integrate it with our Shopify store.

1. Go to and click on get started.

Google Custom Site Search for shopify

2. Enter your site name. You can also write the name of your search engine.


3. You will be redirected to this page. Here, by clicking on the Get key, you will receive the key.

Click on get key to access shopify search code by google

4. Now, copy that code and head on to the Shopify admin panel.

Copy the code

5. Click on Online Store -> Theme -> Actions -> Edit code.

Shopify theme

Edit Shopify Store Code

6. In the layout section, go to the theme.liquid

Edit theme liquid in Shopify Store

7. Now, paste the code in between two <div> of the body tag as shown below:

Adding GSS code to Shopify Store

8. Save the code.

9. Next, view your site, and there would be a search bar enhanced by Google.

Google Search API in Shopify

If you aim to play for the long-term, then the Expertrec search bar is an excellent alternative to Google Custom Search Engine. It is primarily because of numerous features that simplify the functionality of the Shopify Search Bar and never show even a single ad.

3. Some honorable mentions

Shopify App Store is full of apps that claim to increase your sales, hit the conversion rate, and ultimately, help you grow your Shopify store. However, finding a list of the necessary and perfect tools may become a daunting task by analyzing the varying options. That’s why I am here to share a list of some awesome Shopify free apps that you can use at zero cost and enhance your eCommerce store.

Best Free Shopify Search App

Expertrec Smart Search Bar

Expertrec Smart Search Bar can boost sales and increase traffic by making a significant change in your Shopify storefront. It will help the visitors to find the required product asap. It doesn’t matter if the customers make spelling mistakes and want to use voice search. Expertrec handles all search requirements and gives worth to give a shot. You can avail of the 14-day free trial and contact the technical support team for any issue.

Shopify Product Filter & Search

The product filter and search app offers users a 14 free day trial with solutions such as product filter, site search, merchandising, and analytics. You can read this article on how to use it on your Shopify store below 

It is trusted by 10,000+ online stores, including world-famous brands like Boeing, Ford, Durex, Scholl, Mavi, Gap, Banana Republic, Lacoste, etc.


  • Shopify Product Filter & Search app by Boost grows more sales for your store by letting shoppers find the right products within milliseconds.
  • With 5-star rating support, lightning-fast performance & high-level security, Boost Product Filter & Search is a must-have tool to optimize the shopping experience & conversion rate for your store.

Free FAQ Page

HelpCenter – Build an attractive FAQs Page

HelpCenter will drastically increase the efficiency of customer support. It is an awesome app to create a FAQ page. The free plan covers dealing with unlimited Q&A that can be heavily customized. You will also get unlimited email, ticketing agents, and chat accounts.

Free SEO tool

Plug in Seo

Plug in Seo is a forever free app that is not only free to install but also provides unlimited SEO and speed issues checks. It can boost your ranking and help in increasing sales by getting more traffic with time. It has an inbuilt broken link checker along with fixing instructions and codes. You will also entertain automatic mail alerts. There is an email help and support service covered in the free plan.

Free Product Video Maker – Promo Video Maker is a free app to make professional product videos in few minutes. You can use these mini-videos to attract website users. Researches have shown that video content has a definite power to retain customers on your website for a longer time. Also, it will assure them a detailed view of the product. Although making a product video is an art itself, you can experiment with this app to enhance your storefront.

Free Shopify Messenger

Recart Facebook Messenger Marketing

Recart is one of the most popular Shopify messenger apps. It helps in improving your conversion rate, and the best part is that the free plan includes all the features, subscription, and automation tools. In addition, you can easily send the sponsored messages. After all, the messenger has quite higher open rates as compared to emails.

Free Session Recorder

Replay Live Session Recordings

It is the ultimate app to understand your customers’ journey and trace their behavior. Zero coding is required for it. All you need is to just install the app and get the session insights. The free plan includes getting insights of 100 unique visitors per month with session recording. There is also Shopify integration and ticket support to encounter any issue.

Free Affiliate Marketing app

Secomapp: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a well-known method to increase sales and blow the conversion rates in return for a small commission. It has a free plan available where you can have unlimited affiliates along with approving or denying 200 referral orders per month. You get several more benefits with it. That’s getting product commission, email templates, tracking stats, and access to the marketplace. It is a great tool for managing your sales and referral traffic.

Free Rewards and Loyalty app Rewards & Loyalty

It is a unique way of customer retention that focuses more on it instead of new customer acquisition. With the free plan, select more than ten ways to reward your existing customer. You can utilize the points and referral programs so that your customers may visit your store again and again. By visual customizations, you can improve your storefront. Indulging customers with default rewards emails is also a good strategy. After all, we all love to have exclusive perks and discounts in a fun way altogether.

Free Product Reviews App

Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos 

Customer reviews and ratings can make or break the sales. Almost all people check for the product’s ratings before making a purchase. Yotpo got your back for it. The free plan gives you a special offer of signing up and getting 200 extra review credits for the first month to accelerate your starting journey. In addition, it helps in collecting numerous reviews with a single email by automatically requesting emails.

The credibility of reviews is built by adding social proof like the reviewer photo with star ratings. There are also social tools to share the product reviews on multiple platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Bottom Line: Shopify Search App

Having a Shopify store clearly signifies that you want to attract more visitors. You are also providing value to the customers. But what if they are not able to find the product or service they aspire for? For overall growth, your store must be searchable. Not only on Google but also by the website visitors. The Expertrec team is here to help you. Get the 14-day free trial and explore the unbelievable benefits!

Get Shopify Search Bar 14-day FREE trial  

Are you showing the right products, to the right shoppers, at the right time? Contact us to know more.
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