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XDCC is popular among innumerable users due to its distinct various features. XDCC is user-friendly, and the communication process is quite fast. The extension portal of DCC in IRC is known as XDCC. IRC is a public protocol where users can exchange files in real-time basis through IRC client. 

Due to XDCC, users can connect and exchange their files. XDCC process is private and looks complicated in the beginning. In simpler words, XDCC supports you to gather and share data in different ways combined with Usenet etc on IRC. 

IRC had started losing their position in the market over recent years but due to XDCC, IRC has revived their popularity and users have continued to use the functionality especially the privacy served by the IRC.

How does XDCC work for the users?

  • IRC has a couple of servers and bots which are committed to file share
  • Users need to ask their preferred file through a confidential message from the bot. The other search engines find it difficult to show sources of file.
  • etc are specialized search engines where users can locate all the data of their preferred file.
  • Users can even use that data and associate to IRC for their requested file. 


search engine xdcc

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