How to add Search Engine HTML Code for a website

Search Engine HTML code for Website

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Building your own search engine with HTML, CSS, JS may look quite simple and easy for small websites with a few hundred pages. But, if the number of pages is very high in the order of several thousand to millions of pages like eCommerce. It’s absolutely difficult to manage and run the search service as it needs lots of special skills to build. multiple complex software components like.

How to add Search Engine HTML Code for a website

Insert Search Engine HTML Code using HTML CSS JavaScript

Building your own search engine with HTML, CSS, JS may look quite simple and easy for small websites with a few hundreds of pages, but the number of pages is very high in the order of several thousand to millions of pages like eCommerce. It’s absolutely difficult to manage and run the search service as it needs lots of special skills to build. multiple complex software components like.

  1. Crawler: that crawls a website
  2. Indexer: that reads the parsed data and creates an inverted index (similar to the one you would find at the end of a book ) makes the search engine retrieve results faster. If not the search engine will have to go through all the documents one by one. This reduces processing time.
  3. Parser:  Processes the data from the crawler, saves the metadata.
  4. Search results ranker: For every search query, the search engine retrieves many documents/ results. This ranker orders these results based on some score. Google uses an algorithm known as the page rank algorithm. You can come up with your own scoring algorithm as well.
  5. Search User interface: Most users search in browsers or mobile apps through the search engine interface. This is usually built using JavaScript.

In this article, I would suggest you to Services that provides Search as a Service and you can simply plug and play and get your website search in less than 5 minutes.

Insert ExpertRec Search Engine HTML Code into your website

Steps to get search engine Using ExpertRec Search as Service

  • Head on to and signup with your Gmail id.
  • Enter the URL for which search needs to be created. The system will automatically build a search and create the code that needs to be added to your website.sign up to het search engine code
  • Enter the sitemap URL, if present. This is optional. It will allow the crawler to locate all the pages on your website more effectively, but you can choose to skip.
  • And next, you will get the search engine HTML code to add to all pages of your site. search engine HTML code
  • You can choose to use an existing search box on your site or add a completely new one. search engine html code for website
  • There is a demo that you can check before adding the search to your site. search demo


After this code is added to the website, there will be a search feature integrated into the site as shown below:

search engine html code for website


You can control the search settings – look-and-feel, suggestions, images, highlighting, search ranking, filtering, etc.dashboard

Insert ExpertRec Search Engine HTML Code into your website

Add Search Engine HTML Code using Google custom search

What is Google Custom Search?

It is a way of using Google’s index to search a specific website, a group of websites, or the entire web.  Google has many layers of the index.  Google custom search would only use the main index (only top-ranking pages, subject to many quotas).  Auxiliary indexes like news, real-time indexes, maps, the rest of the web are not included in this.  Also, many sugar coats you see on regular results are not enabled in this. E.g. you will not get the calculator triggering if you search an arithmetic expression on google custom search.  Ads would trigger as a means of generating revenue for Google.  Below is an ad by Google, during the initial days of GCS.

YouTube video

Adding Google Custom Search engine will provide a plug-and-play approach of providing search features for a website.

Steps to create a Search engine HTML Code using Google custom search engine


  • Enter your website URL and click on create

  • Click on “get code”

  • Copy the code

<script async src=""></script>
<div class="gcse-search"></div>

  • Replace the search box code with Google’s custom search box code. For this step, you might need the help of your developer. You need to place the above embed code where you want the search box to appear.
  • That’s it! you have added google custom search to your website.

Drawbacks using Google Custom Search

  • No control over what is indexed or when– Google decides which of your pages are crawled and when. You cannot force google’s crawlers to crawl your site on demand. Whereas with a search service like expertrec, you can crawl in real-time as soon as you publish new pages.
  • No control of search results –There are certain search queries where Google might not give you the expected search results that you expect and there is nothing you can do about it if you want one search result to come on the top. With expertrec, it is as simple as dragging and dropping one search result above the other using our control panel.
  • No support– You are very much on your own while implementing google custom search. You cant expect a google support engineer to help you customize your search engine or to take it to live. There are pretty good documentation resources to help you implement google custom search. The same is not true for google Adwords where there is a support team to help you out in setting out your ad campaigns.
  • Minimal UI customization options-The google custom search control panel offers very limited UI customization options compared to other search providers like expertrec. This means you are stuck with a boring search engine UI.
  • Can be shut down or changed any time- Be it Orkut, google site search, Google is known for shutting down projects that don’t bring them money ruthlessly. This means you are scrambling for alternatives and this can be a painful search for some people.

Algolia Search

Algolia is a site search & discovery API for websites and mobile apps. They help create powerful, relevant, and scalable discovery experiences for their users. More than 6,000 companies rely on Algolia to manage 50 billion search queries a month. You can also use algolia for accomplishing your website search.

Algolia Search Features

  • Unprecedented Search Speed: Results show up immediately as the user types and an instant search results page updates with products and categories in real-time. Instant results mean that search is a great experience, even on mobile.
  • Relevance and Synonyms: Ranking options enable you to prioritize results that send customers to your best-selling and most popular products. Advanced typo tolerance and synonym matching make sure you are always bringing users to exactly what they are searching for.
  • Reliability: 99.99% SLA: we make sure that your search is up and running at all times. Provide the same advanced Magneto search performance to all your users, no matter which part of the world they’re in by replicating your data across any of the 52 data centers in our Distributed Search Network.
  • Filters and Facets: Customized filters and facets update as users search, turning your search bar into a powerful find as you type browsing tool.
  • Advanced Analytics: Easy insights on what your customers are searching for and the search queries they use — in one central dashboard.

Insert ExpertRec Search Engine HTML Code into your website


So by now, you have a clear understanding of how to insert Search engine HTML code in a website. Also, you would have understood how expertrec is better than Google Custom Search. Search Engine HTML code will power a search box to your website. Search results will be restricted to your site.

This is the quickest way to create a search engine and you can try out the full capabilities of this search engine during a 14-day free trial.


How to Create a Search Bar?
Building a search engine that you can call your own can happen using HTML, CSS, and JS. If you are good at coding then you might’ve heard of this but for many people, it might not be so easy. So it is suggested to have it done by someone who knows what they are doing. If you do not know about this topic then it is rather better to have a coder that will fix your problems.
Usually, small websites are easier to program because they don’t have too many pages. But if the page numbers are too high it might be very hard to manage the page from a technical standpoint.
There is some software that you will need for creating your search engine:

This software can crawl a website.

• Indexer: 

The indexer generates an inverted index that reads data. This can make your search engine work faster so it can get results.

• Parser: 

This processes data and saves metadata produced by the crawler.

• User Interface: 

Most people search in browsers or mobile phone apps with the help of this interface.

How do You Search For Something In HTML?

You have to just put the <input type=” search”> which refers to a text field that enters a search string. However, if you have forgotten to name your search field, this function won’t work. You can use <label>  tag to avoid this from happening.

How to Create a Search Engine Using HTML?

There are many ways to create your simple search engine but one of the main things you will need is HTML.

The steps for creating a search engine:
• First you have to enter your website URL and then click on the create button.
• After selecting “get code” you have to copy the given code.
• Lastly, switch the original search box code with Google’s search box code and after that, you place that code wherever you want to place your search box. This next step may be complicated for beginners, so bringing a developer is advisable.

For this method, you can also use CSS or Java. Also, if you want to have a search bar built from scratch then a developer can help you with it.

Insert ExpertRec Search Engine HTML Code into your website



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