Easy steps to add a Google search bar or box to your website. You need not have any coding knowledge to follow the steps below. This method works with all major CMSes such as WordPress, Ghost, Drupal, Joomla etc.  Here is also a search engine list that might be of interest to you.

add google search to website


Method 1: Add google search bar to website using Google custom search

  1. Go to https://cse.google.co.in/cse/add google search to website
  2. Click sign in to custom search engine.
  3. Enter sites to search and click create.add google search to website
  4. Click on receive codeadd google search to website
  5. Add this code to your website. If you are on WordPress, you can use a plugin called Elementor that will do this for you. If you are on other CMS you can contact your developer and ask him to add it to all the pages where you want this search bar to be shown.add google search to website
  6. Once you add this code to your website, you will be able to see the google search bar on your website pages.

Advantages of this method-

  • Google custom search is free.
  • If you enable ads inside google custom search, you can make money from Adsense.


  • Ads- You can lose your website visitors to competitors.
  • No control over what is indexed or when
  • No control of search results
  • No support
  • Minimal UI customization options
  • It can be shut down or changed at any time. Google is known for killing products ruthlessly without considering the userbase.

Though this might sound great to have google search on your website, there is no free lunch.  Google shows ads to cover up for this service.  Now say, your site is about shoes of brand X.  when people search on your site for a shoe you have,  Google shows an ad of your competitor brand Y and places it above your site results.  Your visitors are going to believe that you indeed are recommending brand Y yourself.  If you are going to monetize your visitors, then this will drastically reduce your income.

Second, no one really likes ads.  In my opinion, there is nothing like a “non-intrusive” ad.  Ads are Ads and they are bad.  I wouldn’t like to force my visitors to watch ads while they are searching on my website.  Method 2 will give an alternative but paid solution to this problem.

Method 2: Google search bar to your website using expertrec custom search engine:

Expertrec adds a google-like search box to your website. It is priced at 9 USD per month. The biggest advantage is that it doesn’t contain ads.

  1. Go to https://cse.expertrec.com?platform=cse
  2. Enter your website URL.
  3. Enter your sitemap URL if available.
  4. Your crawl will begin and run in the background.
  5. Get code.add google search to website
  6. Add the code to your website. You will get a search box for your website similar to this.add google search to website
  7. You can control the look and feel of the website inside your control panel without coding.add google search to website

Advantages of Using Expertrec search bar-

  1. No Ads.
  2. Affordable pricing plan
  3. Real-time support to help you take live your search on your website.
  4. Full control over search results.

Happy searching.  Here is the signup link again https://cse.expertrec.com?platform=cse

Method 3: Google search box using plugin for wordpress websites

You can also use the following plugin to add a google search box to your wordpress site.

WP Fastest Site Search




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