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In a technology-driven world, paperless documents act as a beneficial friend
for both the public and private sectors. In today’s world, all the documents,
memos, legal papers are stored in Adobe PDF format. Even the U.S. federal
agencies have moved from paper to PDF. Creating a PDF file is quick and easy
to store all your documents in an appealing manner.

  • The step in creating a PDF is using PostScript programming language where graphics are handled.
  • The graphics are then simplified by lineto command.
  • The final step is to gather and forward for tokenization.
  • Other relevant files and graphics related to the document are also collected.
  • Lastly, all collected data is compressed into a file.

In the current scenario, there is no federal agency that is not using PDF format for
documents. Federal agencies get the actual representation of their documents
at ease. The complex documents


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