How to fix – “No Search results found”

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If your website has a search engine and there might be some search queries that might not show search results (or) show no results found in search. Here are some simple steps to fix this.

Here are the top reasons for no results in search engines and how to fix them-

  1. As a first step, check the search queries having no results using your analytics tool. Open your site search query analytics page and see which queries are resulting in no results. If you don’t have a site search query tracking system, you can opt for ExpertRec’s site search analytics where you can get your top search queries with no results.No results found in search
  2. Spelling errors– Most search engines don’t have a search spell correct feature, also known as fuzzy search. You can sign up for ExpertRec’s search feature to implement the autocomplete feature.No results found in search
  3. Lack of products (or) articles (or) documents matching your search query- You could show a no results page for such queries or show related search queries or products.No results found in search
  4. Your search engine is down!- Sometimes your search service might be down and you might not know it. Use an uptime robot to monitor your search downtime. Also, ExpertRec’s search service offers a 99.99% uptime SLA. So you need not worry about your search service going down.No results found in search
  5. Language- Customers might be searching in other languages and hence might not be getting search results. Use ExpertRec’s search to implement a multi-language search engine.No results found in search
  6. Synonyms-Some users might be searching for “TT racquet” whereas your site might not have any products for TT (but your site might have Table tennis racquets ( here you might have to add table tennis as a synonym for TT). Expertrec has a default dashboard for adding synonyms.No results found in search
  7. NLP queries– Most search engines might not be able to search for queries such as “tshits less than 1000”  due to their lack of Natural language capabilities. With ExpertRec’ search, NLP is enabled by default.No results found in search
  8. Special operator queries- A portion of the site visitors, might search using special characters like & OR etc.. Due to this sometimes search results might not get displayed.No results found in searchAdd ExpertRec custom search engine @ 9 USD per month


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