Sphinx Search Magento

Sphinx Search Magento

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Read mirasvit sphinx search ultimate Magento 2 for more information.

Why Sphinx Search for Magento

Sphinx search is a full-text search engine that provides text search functionality. Adding a good search to your Magento 2 website will make a positive impact on the website outlook and also help your users search and find what they are looking for and thus make users stay longer on your website.

Advantages of using Sphinx Search

  • very relevant results
  • very fast search autocomplete
  • Spell-correct
  • Different content type search
  • Synonym support

If you are going to use Sphinx to power your site search all by yourself then be prepared for some very technical work. Most of the time webmasters take up a paid service offered by providers who have built search solutions on top of Sphinx. This is highly advantageous as it saves time and is also highly customizable with minimum effort. Mirasvit is a search provider that provides search solutions based on Sphinx.

A popular alternative to Sphinx is Solr which has quite a few search providers using it. One among that is Expeertrec which offers a stellar value for money with prices starting at just $9/month.

Sphinx Search Magento


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