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Klevu Search

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Why Klevu Search

Search is a very important aspect of an ecommerce site. There are some basic features needed in ecommerce site search like autocomplete, filter, images, spell correct, etc. All these features are usually not available in a cms software’s default search. Hence you need to often depend upon site search. Klevu is one such site search provider that provides site search solutions specialized for ecommerce websites.

Features of Klevu Search

  • error tolerance
  • autocomplete
  • dynamic filters
  • synonym search

and more



Though Klevu search is a good option their pricing is very high and hard to justify. Meanwhile, there are other options like Expertrec that provides all the same features for a price of just $9/month as compared to the hefty $499/month price of Klevu search.

klevu search magento 2


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