Magento 2 search not returning results

Magento 2 search not returning results

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Magento 2 search not returning results

Follow these steps to solve your Magento search not returning results issue. You could also have a look at our section on best search for Magento 2 sites.

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  1. Change search type – Go to your Magento admin panel,  System>>  configuration >>catalog>>catalog>>catalog search . In search type choose “Full text”.magento search not returning results
  2. Clear Magento Cache– Go to System>>Cache management>>Clear Cache 
  3. Reindex Magento data- Go to System>>Index management>>Reindex Data
  4. Check the product for search visibility– Sometimes the product visibility might not be set to catalog search, due to which in search results it might not be Go to Catalog>>Manage products>> (choose a product )>>Visibility>> choose (catalog,search)magento search not returning results
  5. On the same page, go to “category” tab and make sure the product is attached to a category.magento search not returning results
  6. Check if inventory is greater than zero: Go to the inventory tab and make sure inventory (QTY)is greater than zero. Magento search not returning results
  7. Try external search extensions: If all these do not work, you could try our Magento search extension which will solve this issue. Install the extension from this link- expertrec search extensionmagento search not returning results
  8. Check for conflicting Magento extensions: Sometimes external Magento extension could cause this issue. So you could try uninstalling certain extensions and check if your Magento search is showing results as expected. You could uninstall Magento extensions by going to Magento admin panel->System->Magento connect manager->uninstall extensionsmagento search not returning results
  9. Check for any recent changes or upgrades– Sometimes Magento search might not work after an upgrade. So if you have code access, you could do a diff and check for any changes and revert back to the old Magento version or state. You could use a tool like git or

Magento 2 search not returning results


How to solve “Magento search not returning results”

  1. Change search type to Full text.
  2. Clear Magento cache.
  3. Reindex data.
  4. Check the product for search visibility.
  5. Make sure product is attached to a category.
  6. Check if inventory is greater than zero.
  7. Use external search extensions.
  8. Uninstall conflicting Magento extensions.
  9. Check for recent changes, Magento upgrades.

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